Lose The Boy Who’s Not Afraid To Lose You

Timothy Paul Smith

Lose him.

Lose him in the midst of his mixed signals and confusing actions. Lose him when he says one thing and means another. Lose him when he professes his feelings to you so earnestly today, yet chooses to ignore you tomorrow. Lose him when he kisses you so hard that he leaves you dizzy with joy, only to break your heart by kissing another.

Lose him when he treats you like his girlfriend behind close doors and sees right past you in public.

Lose him when he’s selfish and put himself above you. Lose him when he gives you an ultimatum – it’s either him or nothing. Lose him when he comes and goes as he pleases. Lose him when he treats you as his option and put you as his lowest priority.

Lose him when he expects you to cater to his every whim and loses his temper when you refuse. Lose him when he goes back on his promises and breaks your trust. Lose him when he’s careless with his words and callous with your heart.

Lose him when he shows you how little you mean to him.

Lose him when he gives an indifferent shrug after you tell him you’re sick. Lose him when you type a long chuck of essay and he gives a one-word reply. Lose him when you confess to him how much you like him and he challenges you to show him.

Lose him when you ask him what you mean to him and his silence or non-committed reply tells you all you need to know.

Lose him when he causes you to fall out of love with yourself. Lose him when you start wishing you can be someone else, someone he would love.

Lose him when you begin to despise yourself for not being pretty enough, smart enough, and good enough. Lose him when you feel so small and ashamed at how he keeps you as a secret from everyone in his life. Lose him when you resent the situation he put you in and how helpless and frustrated he makes you feel.

Lose him when he makes you hate yourself for not being able to resist his advances, for believing all the things he said, and for loving him against your better judgment.

Lose him by choosing to love yourself instead of someone who cannot and will not love you.

Lose him by walking away and realizing all the love you need resides inside your heart. Lose him by believing that you are worth more than what he offers you and the way he treats you.

Lose him by treating yourself the way you deserve.

Because you are royalty and you lead your life confidently, marching through obstacles and trying times with the grace of a queen. You are wildness and you live your life unrestricted, carving out your own path as you chase daringly and fearlessly towards your dreams

Lose him because when you really think about it, it is not your loss after all.

It is his. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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