30 Things That Happen When You End Your ‘Almost Relationship’

Vern Ho
Vern Ho

1. You stop fretting over why he hasn’t replied you yet and feeling upset that he’s ignoring you.

2. You stop feeling as though your life revolves around one person. You’re able to make plans without having to worry about his availability.

3. You stop feeling that love is an elusive and painful emotion that you don’t deserve.

4. You stop finding excuses for him and hold yourself in high regard knowing your worth, and how he doesn’t deserve you.

5. You stop finding excuses for not ending this toxic relationship and living the life you want. You start to truly live now, instead of waiting for ‘one day’ to happen.

6. You stop feeling resentment towards life about how awful you are feeling all the time.

7. You stop crying every other day because of something he did or didn’t do. You begin to take control of your own life and do the things that make you happy.

8. You stop comparing your situation to your friends who are in loving relationships, and quit feeling envious or jealous of them.

9. You stop feeling helpless over your circumstances and no longer dread the prospect of him leaving you.

10. You stop feeling inferior about yourself over snide and thoughtless things he said. You start to regain your confidence and look at life with renewed hope and dreams.

11. You stop waiting for him to love you and start loving yourself with everything you have.

12. You stop lowering your standards for relationships and stop feeling unsure about what you want. Now you know exactly what kind of relationship you are looking for and you won’t settle for less.

13. You stop being consumed by his presence and instead, you build yourself up and do the things that uplift you.

14. You stop breaking your heart for someone who won’t meet you halfway. You decide to heal your own heart instead of waiting for him to ‘save’ you.

15. You stop feeling obsessive and addicted to this toxic relationship. You gain a sense of peace and serenity.

16. You stop having unrealistic expectation towards relationships. You learn that it’s the small things that a lover does every day that matters the most instead of fanciful promises.

17. You stop wasting your time on toxic relationships and focus on the important ones that truly matter.

18. You stop feeling as though he’s the only one you see yourself with. You start to open your eyes to other potential love interest.

19. You stop allowing yourself to be defined by one person and focus on other aspects of your life, such as your career and passion.

20. You stop feeling sorry for yourself that you’re stuck in a situation that is going nowhere. You realize you are in charge of your own happiness.

21. You stop trying to be someone you are not to be someone he wants you to be.

22. You stop ignoring your gut instinct and all the red flags. You learn what kind of relationship you want and avoid the ones that are detrimental to you.

23. You stop idealizing him and thinking he’s this perfect individual you want to be with. You understand that the person you’re in love with doesn’t exist.

24. You stop hating him and resenting him for the pain he caused you. You begin to see him as a flawed individual who doesn’t know what he wants and you stop taking what happened personally.

25. You stop driving yourself crazy trying to analyze his mixed signals and what you think he meant. You feel a sense of relief to be yourself again.

26. You stop being afraid to be alone and embrace being single. You enjoy the time you spend with yourself instead of forced happiness with someone else.

27. You stop living in the past or future. You stop thinking about how great things between you and him used to be, or fantasizing about the future you will have with him.

28. You stop caring about his opinion of you or what anyone thinks of you. You realize the only person’s opinion that you should care for is your own.

29. You stop giving someone so much power over yourself. You learn to listen to yourself and never compromise on your principles and values for anyone again.

30. You stop focusing all your time and energy to make you and him work out. You channel all your effort into the only relationship that really matters – the one with yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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