Falling In Love With You Is Terrifying, But It’s Worth It


This is how I fell for you.

It wasn’t love at first sight and it didn’t happen like those in cheesy romantic movies. It wasn’t perfect timing when we were both ready for love. You didn’t do all the right things and I wasn’t impressed with you. I didn’t say all the right things either, and I frustrated you.

It happened gradually, the falling.

One day, I opened my eyes in the morning and jumped out of bed, all too excited to hear from you. One day, I looked at you, feeling an overwhelming urge to grab your head and pull you to me to kiss you senseless. One day, I was in tears, feeling weary and down, and you were the only person I wanted to talk to and the only one who could cheer me up. One day, I went out on a date with someone other than you and realized, you were the only one I wanted, all along.

Falling for you was messy and scary. The timing was all wrong. My heart felt too heavy and broken to love anyone. I was too cynical to believe that we would end up together. I was too terrified to fall in love with you. But I did.

And I have come to be okay with it. With the whirlwind of emotions that seized me. The uncertainty of where this is heading. The undeniable fact that I’ve fallen head over heel over you.

I am amazed with your persistence to go after what you want. Steadfast and confident. I am in awe at the way you live your life—on your own terms. I am intrigued by your mind and I am fixated with wanting to know what stirs your heart and soul. I am deeply drawn to your simplicity—you say what you mean and mean what you say.

I am in love with every inch of you and the possibility of you loving me back.

And I will love you with abandon, throwing my caution and hesitance to the wind.

I will go against every reason of why it shouldn’t work out. I will defy fate by holding our gaze too long and not protesting as you slip your hand into mine. I will carve our own destiny by loving you with everything I have.

We are imperfect, yet so perfect alongside each other. Two misfit puzzles that fit together. Two flawed individuals learning to accept each other.

Our emotions are heightened and we fight. You will yell at me harshly, your voice tight with anger making my blood boil. We will have screaming matches, both refusing to give into the other. I will swear to walk away and you will grab me almost roughly, telling me how you will never let me go.

This is how we love. It is raw and sometimes ugly. And at the end of the day, I would not have chosen it any other way. I don’t need all the clocks in the world to tick at the right time for us to fall in love. I don’t dream of you galloping towards me on your white horse and asking for my hand in marriage. I don’t want a love that is picture perfect.

For that doesn’t exist. But you and me together—that’s real.

Loving you is terrifying but then anything worthwhile doing is. And love is always worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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