10 Signs You Are Each Other’s Forever Person

Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. You click well with each other.

You both may be very different people, but you just ‘get’ one another. Everything seems so effortless and you feel connected with him without having to try. You can spend all day talking to him and never run out of things to say. He enjoys spending time with you and cannot get enough of your company. Time always fly by so fast when you are together and you feel that you’ve known him your whole life.

2. You share the same values and perspectives in life.

Whether both of you want to get married or have kids, you are on the same page. You have the same timeline for where your life is heading many years down the road. There is no deal breaker, confusion, or any mixed-signals. Your values and goals in life align with each other.

3. You include each other in your lives.

He is a part of your life and vice versa. You make the effort to get along with his friends and family and he appreciates your effort. He is always so respectful and helpful towards anyone close to you. Your friends and family simply adore him and they are happy that you’ve found the happiness you deserved.

4. You have been through some dark times together and your relationship grows stronger.

Relationships are not easy, and it takes constant commitment and dedication of both parties to make it work. During difficult times, you and him make the conscious decision to choose each other and work through all the obstacles together instead of taking the easy way out and leaving at the first sign of trouble. You’ve seen each other at your worst and your relationship emerged from those trying times stronger than before.

5. You are both completely yourselves with each other.

There is no need to pretend to be someone else or to impress the other. He tells you exactly what he’s thinking without sugarcoating his words or telling any white lies. You show him exactly the person you are without feeling the need to hide your flaws and insecurities. In return, you appreciate him for his honesty and he accepts you just the way you are.

6. You are physically and emotionally attracted to each other.

Your honeymoon phrase is obviously over, but you swear you still feel butterflies in your stomach every time he gives you that look. You know you’re completely biased but in your eyes, he’s the most attractive (even cuter than your celebrity crush). Likewise, he is also your biggest fan and never fails to reassure and compliment you constantly on how great you look, even when you are makeup-less and wearing sweatpants. Your attraction to one another runs deeper than superficial looks.

7. You have open communication with each other.

You tell each other everything, be it updating about your day or consulting with one another before making any important decisions. If there’s any issues or unhappiness, you’ll discuss it calmly together to reach a compromise. Both of you are transparent with what you do and honest about your feelings as you are both a team and you make sure to consider each other’s feelings.

8. You never stop trying with each other and both of you continue to put in effort in your relationship.

You still take turns with him to plan dates and spend time together, be it a spontaneous trip or squeezing in time for a meal even when life gets busy. You go the extra mile and give him random surprises from time to time. He shows his affection for you in the small things and takes good care of you. No matter what happens, you and him don’t get complacent in the relationship and never take what you have with each other for granted.

9. You show your vulnerabilities to each other.

You know his deepest secrets and don’t judge him for them. You told him everything from your first heartbreak that you never truly recovered from, to the irreconcilable differences you have with your family. He knows about everything that happened to you and shows nothing but understanding and compassion towards you. He admires your strength for going through what you did and reassures you that he’s here for you. If anything, being open and vulnerable just brings both of you closer and deepens the connection and love you have for one another.

10. You have become stronger, healthier, and happier individuals with the support and encouragement of each other.

You are the pillars of strength for one another in blissful and difficult times. He constantly pushes you and challenges you to grow, live, and love harder. Similarly, you continue to inspire him to embrace life changes and greater achievement. Together, no obstacles are too huge to be resolved, and no setbacks can deter both of you. No matter what happens, you know that you can count on him to be there. He’s the one who would never let you down and he’s committed to love you for the rest of his life. And you would do the same thing for him over and over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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