Date Someone Who Wants To Build A Home With You


Date someone who is in it for the long haul.

He doesn’t see you as fleeing company, a temporary stay, or present entertainment. He wants you to stay the night and makes you breakfast the next morning. He cares enough to text you the instance you part ways with him.

He doesn’t just ask about your yesterday, but wants to be in your tomorrow.

He is serious about you and makes his feelings known. He appreciates you and doesn’t take you for granted. He sees past your looks and wants to unravel the mystery of your mind. He holds your hand with no intention of letting go. He kisses you not as an experiment or a game, but as a seal of his devotion for you.

His love is as everlasting as the sunrise and sunset. His sincerity is as sturdy as the unmovable mountains. His presence is as consistent as the earth spinning around the orbit.

You look at him and poetry explodes in his eyes. You feel that you could spend your whole life finding reasons why you love him. You think that you can love him to infinity and beyond. He’s your favorite person, your undying love, and your lifetime companion.

He’s the reason you believe in fairytales and happy ending. He’s the one you think of when you hear the word, ‘love.’ He’s the companion that is with you through all the ups and downs.

Date someone who feels like home and who wants to build a home with you.

With him, anywhere is home. You are perfectly content to spend lazy Sundays sprawling across each other in pajamas and eating take-out. You are just as thrilled to embark on an early start for a hiking adventure, museum date, or a spontaneous picnic.

You want to sit still with him in silence just enjoying each other company. You want to race with him, chasing each other until the world becomes a blur and you feel as through you are the only ones on earth. And when you are both tired, you lie down next to him on a meadow admiring the handiwork of nature. Of flowers blooming, trees swaying, and birds chirping. The sound almost as deafening as the thunderous beats of your hearts in union.

You are his goddess that he admire and think the world of. You are his princess he swore to cherish and protect. You are the captor of his heart and the only woman he loves.

You don’t have to be worried about not being good enough for him. You don’t have to be scared he would stop loving you one day. You don’t have to run away lest he breaks your heart.

For he sees a future with you and he is with you every step of the way. You are his home and he will never abandon you. You are his love and he will only love you more and more each day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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