Date Someone Who Will Fight To Be With You Every Single Day


Date someone who will fight to be with you every day.

Where out of the ocean of faces, the myriad of choices, and infinite possibilities, he chooses you. When despite the instantaneous attraction, the fleeing connection, and the elusive search for love that is associated with modern dating, he knows it is you he’s looking for.

There is no hesitance, no second-guessing, and no back-up plan. It is you he is in love with. You captivate his every thought.

You are what he first thinks of when he wakes up, and the last thing that crosses his mind before falling asleep. He does not put you on the sideline but the center of his life. He does not put you on a pedestal, but sees you for who you and loves you just as much if not more. He is not with you out of boredom or loneliness or any other reason, but because he loves you.

Date someone who will fight to show you how much you mean to him. There is no confusion, mixed signals, or grey areas.

He shows up every single day and proves his conviction in his feelings for you. He establishes a strong presence in your life that you don’t have time to miss him. He hands you his whole heart and tells you firmly, how you are the only one for him.

He brings you to your favorite places not to impress you, but because he wants to see your delighted smile. He tells you everything there is to know and more. He asks about you and both of you exchange secrets of your souls.

Date someone who will fight for you during tough times. When sunshine and rainbows cease and the darkest nights persist.

He is not okay with your silence and questions you what it means. He chases after you when you storm off in the middle of the argument. He fights for you even when you don’t believe you deserve him. He tears down all your walls and shows you there’s nothing to be afraid of.

His love is boundless and without restraint. He is willing to follow you to the ends of the earth to show his sincerity. He wants to love you to the end of time and to eternity and beyond. He does not see the end of you and him no matter what troubles loom ahead.

Date someone who will fight to be your equal. Your sidekick, your partner, and your best friend.

When you want to run away, he grabs your hand, all too willing to escape this life with you. With him, the rest of the world just melts away. Life is one big adventure. The sun shines brighter. You breathe easier. And your heart is bursting with so much love and happiness.

He is your solace and is a great source of comfort from the harsh reality of life. He is your lighthouse that burns brightly and guides you to shore amidst dangerous times. He is your biggest muse for pushing you to try harder and inspires you to greater heights.

Date someone who will fight for you because you promise when you find him, you will do the same for him.

He is worth all your affection, your effort, and the wait. Until then, don’t settle for anything less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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