Don’t Let Me Think There’s An Us When There Isn’t

Ashley Webb
Ashley Webb

Don’t say hello to me when your next word is goodbye.

Don’t talk to me if you are going to act like you are superior to me.

Don’t take selfies with me if you warn me not to post them anywhere.

Don’t ask me to hang out only to go MIA and not follow through.

Don’t build a connection with me and act as though nothing happened.

Don’t tell me how special I am one moment and insist that we are “just friends” the next.

Don’t blow hot and cold and leave me confused which one is the real you.

Don’t find me to fill your time because your girlfriend or the girl you are interested in is busy.

Don’t make long-term plans with me if you do not mean any of it.

Don’t meet me if your intention is solely to have sex.

Don’t insist that you are serious with me when I am the least of your priorities.

Don’t text me and leave me hanging for your reply.

Don’t form a routine with me if you have no intention to stick around.

Don’t come back after you disappeared for days or weeks at a time.

Don’t tell me how much you care for me and ignore me when I ask you for help.

Don’t mislead me that I’m someone special when you are dating a few other people at the same time.

Don’t kiss me and let me think it meant something when you kiss any girls you think you have a moment with.

Don’t act like you are my boyfriend and correct me when I call you mine.

Don’t ask me to tell you about my past lovers and promise that you are not like them and do the exact same things.

Don’t say I’m a nice girl and any guy will be lucky to have me when you don’t believe you could be him.

Don’t tell me I mean everything to you and do nothing to prove it.

Don’t ask me what are we when you have no idea yourself.

Don’t string me along if you do not feel the same way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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