20 Dating Red Flags That Should Make Every Woman Turn And Run


1. If he appears too good to be true. (*Ahem* he probably is!)

2. If he emphasizes how he can’t see into the future and how you should just live in the present.

3. Likewise, if you just start dating and he starts making plans for the future enthusiastically, like thinking of vacation plans, making long lists of places to go, planning the names of your future kids or appear too eager to marry you.

4. If he just had a recent break up with his ex. Or generally appears to not be over her.

5. If he is constantly on his phone but takes a long time to reply you.

6. If he starts asking or trying to get intimate with you at the early stages instead of trying to get to know you.

7. If he has sex with you but does not hold your hand or want to kiss you.

8. If he only compliments you in how sexy you are and he is very concerned with your physical appearances.

9. If he has zero common interests as you and is perfectly okay with that, or could not care less about it.

10. If his definition of dating means ‘Netflix and chill.’

11. If he put his needs above yours all the time. He expects you to compromises and seldom if never returns the favor.

12. If he has different values and mindset as you. Or a deal breaker you cannot accept.

13. If he never has never been in a serious relationship before.

14. If he wants to jump into a relationship with you without getting to know you first.

15. If he warns you not to fall in love with him as he will break your heart.

16. If he can blow up your phone with text messages and calls and appears over-the-top crazy over you one day, then totally disappears off the face of the earth the next day.

17. If he makes plans with you and doesn’t follow through. And then either apologizes causally and does it again. Or justifies with how busy he is.

18. If he always asks you out last minute and usually at night.

19. If he makes it clear he wants a serious relationship but is engaged in causal ones.

20. If he tells you straight that he is not ready for a relationship. Or shows you in so many ways, he’s just not that into you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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