10 Stages Of Falling In Love With A Guy


1. You are sitting in class, at work, at home, etc. and you catch yourself thinking of him for the first time. Before this moment, you were an independent woman who had nothing on her mind but success. There was no time for childish games with unfaithful boys. There was only time for you. This thought of him was new and you knew it could only go uphill from there.

2. You find, after some time, that he’s all you’re thinking about anymore, but not in a harmful way. You’re still that independent chick who “don’t need no man,” but for some reason you don’t mind having this one around.

3. Your friends start to wonder what you’ve been up to because of your recent absence. Every time you go out with the girls, assuming you still do, you’re drinking and dancing less and the girl who used to have shots bought by random strange men for the whole team is now sipping on a single Gin and Tonic and checking her phone regularly.

4. And because of their wondering, you begin telling your close friends about him. You might even introduce him to a few. You await their approval, but you know it’s inevitable because this man appears to have no flaws. Your friends can tell how much of an impact this guy has on you, because they haven’t seen you smile this big since you ran across those Manolo Blahnik’s on sale at Saks two years ago.

5. You two go on a weekend trip together, just the two of you, and everything is flawless. You spent at least 72 hours learning from each other, lying in each other’s arms and having a blast. The weekend comes to an end and for some reason, when he drops you off at your house, all you want to do is see him again.

6. You tell your family about him, no matter how few details might be shared. You have now let him all the way into your life. You are feeling these things in the pits of your tummy that you never thought you would ever be able to feel. You catch yourself smiling at the cute lovey dovey scenes in romantic movies that once made you want to throw up. You really really really like him, but are still a little guarded because of things that have happened to you in the past.

7. You are spending more and more time at his house. You practically live there. He has a shirt of his that he knows you love to wear to sleep placed on “your” side of his bed whenever you arrive. You two open up Netflix and watch hours and hours of some stupid show while eating cheez-its and donuts and there’s no place in the world you would rather be.

8. Almost every conversation you are in now somehow resorts back to him. Your friends talk about the latest American Horror Story episode and it automatically reminds you of that one time you watched an entire marathon of the first and second season with him. The ‘L’ word is starting to seem less and less of a completely foreign term, but you push the butterflies to the side and start to think analytically about the actual possibility that this might happen to you.

9. You start to accept the inevitable. At night, you look at him while he sleeps. Not in a creepy way, but more so in a blessed beyond any imagination way. You are genuinely wondering what you did that was so great that could allow you to deserve something so pure and all-consuming.

10. You share your hopes and dreams with him. You don’t feel the need to tell him every little boring detail about your life, but for some reason you want to and he listens intently to every single melodramatic story you provide. He’s become the person that you go to when you’re feeling ill, fearful or sad, because you know he’s the only person that can make it all better. He’s also become the person you go to with exciting news because you know he’ll congratulate you and be genuinely excited right along with you. You discuss your plans for the future and he says he wants to see you in his. And without knowing how or why or what’s going to become of it, you utter those three little words that for some reason still don’t seem to encompass everything that you feel for him and you wait for his response. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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