5 Ways To Spot The Female Ego

Svetlana Pochatun

Throughout history men have been known to have big ego’s. In fact in most cases, having a big ego is seen as compensating for something one may lack like splashing cash for everybody to see because you have low self-esteem.

What about the female ego? Do women act out and compensate for something they may lack? The answer to that is yes. At the end of the day, both men and women’s behavior is similar; it’s just their reactions that differ. These are 5 ways to spot a female’s ego at play.

1. Follow her instagram

A woman’s self-esteem is dependent on what other people think about her. And instagram is a narcissist’s playground. Don’t get me wrong, everybody has a bit of a narcissist in him or her but women take the cake. If 90% of her posts are selfies, then you have a serious female ego on your hands. Instagram seems to bring that out of most women. It’s a visual social media platform and men being visual beings, all we do is perve, like, comment and inflate a women’s ego at the same time.

Surely there has to be more depth to anyone’s life beyond his or her beauty and body. What about your friends, family, hobbies or interests? Come on ladies!

2. How she competes with other women

I must give some women credit though; they can be very smart about how they get their man. Which is a clear indicator of the female ego. In my experience, women that have “game” have the biggest ego’s. She knows she can attract men and she’s good at it too.

So what happens when another woman has sights on her target? She turns on the charm like you have never seen before and at this point as a man you become the hunted. For instance she gets territorial. She’ll probably kiss you on the cheek and purposely leave the lipstick there for other girls to see. Or even put on your jacket, so that b*****s back off. It actually gets worse when she’s jealous.

The difference between a jealous man and a jealous woman is simple. A jealous man normally has a look at what’s going on and will remove his woman from the situation, away from other men. Unless he actually wants to fight the other guy. A jealous woman on the other hand will also have a look at what’s happening and do the complete opposite. She will step in during the conversation, grab her man’s hand and stare the other woman right in the eyes as she continues talking. Awkward much?

3. Her reaction when she does/doesn’t get attention

You know the saying ”the world does not revolve around you?” Well some women would disagree; at least their ego’s would because in their heads it does. And the best way to see this is to look at her behavior when she receives the attention she’s looking for and when she doesn’t. Most women tend to prioritize a relationship with a man over anything else.

Be it spending time with her friends, not going out as much and sometimes it can go as far as not being friends with some people anymore. I was once a victim of this myself. I was close friends with this girl and the moment she started dating, all of a sudden I became invisible. Look I wasn’t mad or upset; she has every right to spend time with her man.

However I believe in her head she was prioritizing love rather than compromising on love and friendship. Anyhow a woman who gets no attention is just as bad. It’s almost as if she becomes childish and grumpy because nobody wants to come to her party. I know this because I’ve seen it on a night out with some friends. The one girl who didn’t receive any attention from any guy ruined the whole night. We all ended up going home because of her.

4. She makes you wait

This is something every man knows about too well. A textbook case of the female ego. So you set up a date with her 2 weeks prior, remind her a few days before and even tell her what time you’ll be there to pick her up. And what happens? She’s late. It’s funny how women love waiting except when they want to date you!

This is a tactic women use often because then the ball is in her court. She determines how this ends. It’s a win-lose situation. You could either lose your time waiting & end up winning on the date. Or you could win your time back, leave and lose the girl.

5. Rejection

Everyone hates being rejected. I repeat. EVERYONE hates being rejected! Yes ladies, that includes men. If we met, exchanged numbers, kissed, went on a date, had sex and then I rejected you. Then by all means you can be as angry as you want. I won’t even blame you.

But women take rejection to another level. They are afraid of the smallest hint of it. I mean, you could be her crush without even knowing it and not say hello to her that day. And guess what? You just ruined her day. (Just hope her friends like you.) Any mature adult knows that rejection is a part of life. You do not have to like it. You just have to accept it. You reject people and you get rejected in return. But see the female ego sometimes does not accept rejection (just like men).

So a female with an ego will never put herself in that situation. Once she sniffs that rejection is near, she’ll run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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