7 Types Of Friends You Need To Reject From Your Life

1. People who are inconsistent in the way they treat you.

One day, they will treat you like you’re their soul mate and another day they treat you like you are an invisible person and they do not tell you why.

2. People who treat you differently from how they treat their other friends.

When they see you, they greet you without a smile, they aren’t so eager to start a conversation with you, and basically treat you they have no time for you. But when they see their other friends, they become completely different and become the friendliest person ever.

3. People who do not know how to be thankful.

You do something for nice to them and they do not thank you for it. They treat it as if you have done something that you would have obviously done and do not appreciate your generosity.

4. People who do not give back.

People who do not know how to be thankful usually do not give back either. You remember their birthdays and get them gifts, but when it’s your birthday, all you get is “oh it’s your birthday? Happy Birthday.”

5. People who make you feel like you need to impress them.

If you do feel like you need to constantly impress your friends when you hang out with them, they are not your true friends. They are making you feel like you are inferior to them and friends don’t do that.

6. People who only text/call you when they need something from you.

They contact you only when they need help. Their texts don’t even start with “hey! how are you?”; they go straight into asking you for things.

7. People who don’t invite you to their weekend activities.

Whether it is a party, a get-together, or just a dinner, they never invite you and you find out how much fun they had without you by seeing their photos on your Facebook newsfeed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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