What It’s Really Like To Fall In Love

Alagich Katya
Alagich Katya

You see them; maybe at a party, in line for coffee, or at the table on a holiday.

And, while, it’s never “love” at first sight, there certainly is a connection; an unspoken, indescribable feeling that this is a person that is supposed to be in your life. Your entire body is telling you, like it’s connected to a magnet, that you have to talk to this person, get to know them, and have them in your life in some sort of capacity.

To fall in love with someone is literally the most magical, mystical, and frankly, indescribable feeling in the world. It happens, suddenly and without hesitation.

To fall in love takes more than “just love.” It takes more than just “chemistry.” It takes patience, it takes acceptance, and it takes all of you, but in the most natural way.

To fall in love is to want to put in the effort. It’s knowing that, this is where you want to be, and who you want to be with, and being willing to do anything to nurture that love.

To fall in love means embracing their idiosyncrasies and difference, because to you, they’re endearing quirks.

It means not only supporting them, but admiring them.

Falling in love is a genuine, pure, natural look between two people.

It’s going out of your way for that person, not because you feel forced to, but because you want to. You want to do anything for that person.

Falling in love with someone isn’t just about listening to someone’s passion and dreams; it’s finding ways to help them accomplish all of their dreams.

Falling in love is not just butterflies in your stomach. It’s an innate feeling that this person was made for you. You know that, before them, you were incomplete.

Falling in love is not relying on someone else for your happiness and confidence. It’s being happy and confident, and having that person add to your happiness.

Falling in love is having similarities that no one has shared with you. It’s being passionate about the same things, while also embracing one another’s differences.

Falling in love is missing them, but feeling secure enough to be apart.

To fall in love with someone is like having the best kept secret all to you.

There are many different kinds of love out there, with all of them being significant and moving. But, true love, being in love, that’s the one, we all want. It’s the story of the couple that dies within hours of each other because their heart is so broken without the other.

Falling in love is a choice, but not the choice you think. It’s the choice to allow yourself not to be scared. It’s the choice of letting go of your own guard. That the choice we make when we fall in love, and it’s the hardest one to decide. But, once we do, we are in for the ride of a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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