I Hope You Find The Love You Deserve After Me


I know that there will be a girl who comes after me. I hope she brings you the joy that we didn’t have together in the final moments before we broke.

I hope she takes care of you the way you need to be taken care of. I hope she makes you happy when you’re feeling at your worst. I hope she can handle you at your worst because we all deserve someone who can walk with us through the darkest parts of ourselves and still remain.

I hope she fills your mind with tales of ambition that you can go on to succeed in all the ways you told me you dreamed of. I hope you go on to do great things with your life and don’t remain stagnant in the life that you think you deserve. Don’t ever think that you deserve a stagnant life; you deserve a life of passion and brilliance that we couldn’t give each other.

You deserve happiness with her; you deserve happiness all on your own without the arms of another person. I hope she makes you laugh the way I did. I hope she makes you feel so much joy that you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling after us. We all deserve to laugh unapologetically after we have been broken so that we can remember how easy it is to laugh with someone new, how good it feels to laugh with someone new.

I hope that she makes you feel things you never knew you were capable of feeling. I hope she makes you look at the world in a whole new way, in a way you couldn’t see beyond the constrictions of what our life was together. I hope you are able to see that the world isn’t a cruel place and that you deserve happiness.

I mostly hope you find peace within yourself, not just within her arms. I hope you find calmness within your world that gives you the sense of comfort you deserve. I know that the world will continue to turn whether we are together or not. I hope you are happy in the world you create whether you are alone or with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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