Here's What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Color Code

Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Color Code

When it comes to determining how you act in interpersonal and romantic relationships, it’s incredibly important to show self-awareness and understand your most natural motives and behaviors. Thanks to a variety of personality tests out there, we are able to analyze ourselves just by taking a few tests and reading the results, which are fairly spot-on for the most part. Based on how many tests are out there, we already have a solid idea of who we are, how we behave in certain situations, and our personal preferences.

The Color Code Personality Test is no exception. You can discover what kind of girlfriend you are and know what it takes to make a relationship work after fully understanding your own needs, desires, and motivations. However, unlike other popular personality tests out there, the Color Code Personality Test is based on your motive, rather than your behavior. In essence, the Color Code Personality Test reveals why you do certain things as opposed to what you do in various situations.

According to this unique personality theory, each of us have an innate core motive (otherwise known as Driving Core Motive). You’ll find that as you’re taking the test, you’re asked to recall your personal characteristics and actions from childhood because when you were a child, you were supposedly truest to your innate core motive without any external influences that you have learned and acquired while growing up. And the motive you were born with doesn’t change throughout the course of your life, despite how much external influences may have affected the way you think and behave. The more you know about your core motive, the more clarity you’ll gain about why you do certain things, what kind of work fulfills you, and how you are in relationships.

Based on your Color Code Personality type, here’s what kind of girlfriend you are:


You are the power-wielding girlfriend.

As a Red, your motive is power, and as a girlfriend, you can be incredibly demanding, authoritative, and decisive because you want the best from yourself and your partner. You have a low tolerance for incompetence, and if your partner isn’t pulling their weight, you aren’t hesitant to demand better or assert ways they can level-up. You’re a natural leader and oftentimes, people consider you the more dominant one in any relationship you’re in. You thrive on challenges and say yes to opportunities that would greatly benefit you and give you a chance to prove that you’re a strategic leader who can deliver great and effective results. You don’t hesitate to take the lead in a relationship because you are confident that you can follow through on your decisions and bring out the best in your partner, which you believe is the most important aspect of any relationship.


You are the intimate girlfriend.

As a Blue, your motive is intimacy, and as a girlfriend, your greatest strength is connection. You’re genuine about creating meaningful connections with others, especially when you’re in a romantic relationship. Serving and giving are your natural abilities, and you don’t hesitate to give in any way you can. You’re good at understanding the needs and wants of your partner so that you can show that you care about them through gifts and acts of service. You pay attention to details and are quality-oriented. This benefits your partner a lot because you know just what they need at the most appropriate time. You’re also a person of great integrity and you tend to remain true to your word. You’re dedicated to establishing an incredibly strong relationship because you’re naturally very dependable, thoughtful, and nurturing.


You are the peaceful girlfriend.

As a White, your motive is peace, and as a girlfriend, you are a very good listener, cooperative, and gentle. You avoid argumentation as much as possible, and you seek to resolve any conflict by first understanding your partner’s perspective so that you understand how both of you can compromise. You are a strong individualist and quite a deep thinker, so you need plenty of time alone to process your own thoughts and practice self-reflection. Contrary to how you may appear on the surface (even-tempered and silently stubborn), you can be vulnerable and expressive with your feelings, but only after you spend time introspecting and analyzing how your feelings can affect your partner’s. One of your best qualities as a girlfriend is how you don’t demand much from your partner because you value independence and despise controlling others, as well as being controlled. You also greatly appreciate direct and simple communication, as that is the quickest way to resolve conflict and focus on working towards what’s best for both of you.


You are the fun girlfriend.

As a Yellow, your motive is fun, and as a girlfriend, you’re quite adventurous, playful, and spontaneous. You love to try new things with an open mind, ranging from a fun night out to an alternative career path. You aren’t easily afraid of the unknown because you love to explore many things that life has to offer. You don’t take yourself too seriously and your partner appreciates you for that because it reminds them that lightening up and easing the tension can absolutely help you move forward in spite of life’s unexpected difficulties. You can be incredibly social and optimistic, which makes you an encouraging and exciting person to be around. You’re outspoken and don’t hesitate to share what’s on your mind, and because of this, your partner knows exactly what you feel about them. You view life as a grand adventure with plenty of opportunities to expand upon how you see the world, and thus, you’re always encouraging your partner to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their fear of the unknown, which you consider as the most important aspect of a relationship because it brings out a growth mindset and openness to change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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