Here's What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Creative Type

Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Creative Type

To find out what kind of girlfriend you are, you have your zodiac sign, MBTI, Enneagram, and love language to tell you exactly what you need to know. However, there’s a totally new and insightful way to evaluate what you have to offer as a girlfriend, and it adds a whole other dimension to understanding who you are. Your Adobe Creative Type can tell you what kind of creative you are (even if you don’t consider yourself as an artist or a particularly creative person, you do have some kind of creativity). If you haven’t already, take the test and find out what type you are!

Based on your Creative Type, here’s what kind of girlfriend you are:

The Artist

You’re the artistic girlfriend. You’re extremely dedicated to your art and super talented at it too. You need plenty of alone time to focus on creating your best work and cultivating your inner artist, but you also love sharing your art and the inspiration behind it with your partner. You have a rich inner and outer life because you have that mysterious ability to make anything both aesthetically appealing and intrinsically beautiful, which your partner finds intriguing. On dates, you and your partner like going to art shows, museums, and local events that support other artists.

The Thinker

You’re the analytical girlfriend. You’re smarter than your partner in so many ways, and as a deep thinker, you’re zealous about challenging your partner with alternative perspectives, abstract concepts, and big ideas that you’re fascinated by and could get lost in for hours. Simply being a nice, caring girlfriend doesn’t cut it for you because you’re driven by an insatiable desire to develop your intellectual powers and apply them to any creative project you choose to do. You have the ability to turn a casual conversation into a series of lengthy, enlightening discussions, which can involve making connections between seemingly unrelated topics in different fields. Sharing your beautiful and complex mind with your partner makes your relationship both intellectually and creatively stimulating.

The Adventurer

You’re the spontaneous girlfriend. You’re the first to suggest bold things to do for dates and outings, and you want to make your relationship one hell of an adventure. You’re not the type to stick to routine or traditions, which means your partner has to be able to keep up with you and enjoy the magical moments you create from your lively energy and curiosity. You’re the girlfriend with crazy but brilliant ideas and you never take no for an answer. You relentlessly pursue new experiences on the spur of the moment and that definitely makes you fun and unforgettable.

The Maker

You’re the hard-working girlfriend. You’ve got the chores down (which your partner is immensely grateful for), and you’re insanely good at juggling multiple tasks at once to get things done. You can be quite the workaholic, but that makes you excel both at home and in the workplace. You’re very pragmatic and driven by results, and as a girlfriend, you’re careful to make sure that everything has a concrete purpose. Though you aren’t entertained by fanciful ideas or dreamy visions, you can be totally creative in your own way, and you like to surprise your partner with a home-cooked meal and handmade gifts. Your no-nonsense manner, combined with your solid work ethic and loyalty, makes you a girl who’s difficult to mess with.

The Producer

You’re the boss babe girlfriend. You’re totally crushing it in your career and you’re highly goal-oriented, so you expect nothing less from your partner. The ones who are wrong for you (or are threatened by your power) usually call you “bossy,” but someone who truly appreciates you will see you as the girlfriend who’s always trying to bring the best out of them. You’re a decisive doer, you’re able to turn big ideas into successful projects, and you’re the one who takes charge in your relationship. Ultimately, you know you have a way of turning your creative energy into reality, which makes you a tough and level-headed girlfriend that doesn’t put up with bullshit.

The Dreamer

You’re the whimsical girlfriend. You think and dream in symbols and abstract concepts, which often makes you misunderstood, but you’re one to build a rich inner world first before pursuing a serious, long-term romantic relationship. You are deeply expressive and one of your favorite ways of revealing your love to your partner is through writing love poetry and letters. In conversations, you share your deepest dreams and can talk for hours about your life story, what you hope for in the future, your passion for everything that inspires you, and how things should be, which makes you a highly reflective and contemplative girlfriend who knows who she is and what she finds most meaningful, both in life and in a relationship.

The Innovator

You’re the trailblazing girlfriend. You’re a purpose-driven, problem-solving intellectual who wants to restructure existing systems to make the future better than today. You’re not afraid of change and you’re willing to share with your partner your insights on the economy, technology, politics, and education and what could be done to create a future with efficiency and progress at the forefront of pressing issues. With your partner, you like to work on highly innovative projects that involve a lot of taking things apart and building something new. You two also like to strategize and create more efficient ways of doing things in your daily lives so that you’re better able to think clearly and take action to improve the future.

The Visionary

You’re the idealistic girlfriend. You see infinite possibilities for a better world, and you aren’t hesitant to share your bold visions with your partner. You see so much suffering in the world and find it intolerable, so you’re driven to share your ideas and plans in promoting justice for those who are suffering from oppression or are struggling to find meaning in their own lives. Whether it’s through service or an artistic project, you want to inspire people to believe in themselves and find value in what they do. You and your partner love having your relationship based on a shared idealistic vision, and you two work together to become powerful forces of light in the world that’s still so full strife, corruption, and injustice. Everything you do is grounded by love and your relationship is built upon compassion not only for each other but for humanity as a whole.

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