25 Valuable Truths You’ll Learn About Yourself When You Silence The World Around You

25 Valuable Truths You’ll Learn About Yourself When You Silence The World Around You

1. The fire within you was always warm and bright. You only lost sight of it and numbed yourself to it because you grew accustomed to the darkness and terror from the outside world.

2. You don’t need anyone or anything to confirm whether something’s right or wrong for you. Either way, you’ll know and it’ll be clear to you. That doesn’t mean everything is automatically free of struggle from that point on – it simply means you’re fully aware of where your value comes from and what you can do with it.

3. Although self-doubt does originate from your own irrational fears, being influenced by people who make you feel worthless can exacerbate this doubt – so much that it paralyzes you and keeps you so fearful that you do nothing to stop it. Silencing these voices is a powerful way to cut down on how much they affect you.

4. People can love you, help you, guide you, and clarify anything you are uncertain about, but ultimately, they can’t save you from your darkest self that you try so hard to avoid. Only you can do that.

5. Genuine self-love is all about confronting your worst fears that have imprisoned your true self for so long and filtering out the external noises that have kept you bitter, confused, and helpless.

6. Your flaws do not make you any less of a worthy human being than other people who seem to have fewer flaws and more redeeming qualities than you.

7. Your life isn’t about proving that you can be the most significant in the eyes of others. Your life is about simply allowing yourself to draw upon your inner power and evolve in a manner that feels effortless and freeing.

8. Worrying is a result of being pitted against other people and being judged as unworthy if you don’t measure up to them. The more you focus inward, the more you’ll realize how pointless and destructive comparison-based worrying actually is.

9. Your desire for a better life don’t need to involve achieving monumental goals that may potentially seem impressive to other people. You can give yourself permission to want less as long as it frees you and you feel happy about it.

10. However, if you do want more for yourself, and you’re absolutely certain that your goals originate from a place of internal acceptance (and not some external motive), you don’t need to force yourself to make them smaller to alleviate guilt or appease others.

11. While it is a great blessing to have supportive and loving people in your life, only you can give yourself infinite love and an outpouring of joy. You cannot depend on other people or anything external to give those things to you.

12. Not every thought you have about yourself is true. The more you listen to the voice within, the more you’ll be able to identify the thoughts that are based on external influences.

13. You become what you give your energy to. If you constantly feel worn out and frustrated, it’s because you’re allowing the outside world to steal your energy and take advantage of your willingness to be “acceptable” until you have almost nothing left for yourself.

14. Being fully conscious of who you are, how you think, how you process your feelings, and what you do in certain situations is the first step towards freeing yourself from constraints.

15. Your value in life isn’t contingent upon working yourself to death in hopes that you’ll exceed other people’s expectations. Your value in life comes from becoming better than you were before and believing in yourself no matter what happens around you.

16. Though it may seem like the world is hell-bent on making you hate yourself, it’s not entirely responsible for this hatred. Part of it comes from you, and though it is painful to accept, acknowledging that you are responsible for your own torture can set you free and help you see that you do have more control over how you feel about yourself.

17. If there are things you hate about yourself, you must change for the sake of your own well-being, compelled by the intrinsic desire to improve, not because someone else is forcing you to.

18. You don’t need to overemphasize how meaningful your life is – you just need to live it as if nobody were evaluating you.

19. There’s nothing shameful about appreciating stillness and lingering in the beauty of the moment at hand.

20. You have more courage, conviction, and creative potential than you think, and they are all deep within you, just waiting for you to tap into the power they possess.

21. You really do control how external happenings influence your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

22. You can discern between what you’re naturally drawn to and what you pretend to like for approval.

23. Your value is unconditional and it comes from within, and when you see it that way, you’ll focus more on giving than taking. It’s not relative or fluctuating based on how high or low it is compared to other people’s. Your value is not measured by how much you take from the world for the sake of elevating yourself.

24. You’re more resourceful and resilient than you think. The more you focus on what you have, the less you’ll care about the fears, judgments, and cynical opinions from other people.

25. You don’t need to prove that you can be a more distinct individual than other people. There is no need to try so hard because by design, you’re already one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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