Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types By Who's The Most Relaxed Partner To Who's The Most Possessive

Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types By Who’s The Most Relaxed Partner To Who’s The Most Possessive


You rarely worry about anything anyway, this is no surprise. You take everything on a day-by-day basis, and spend most of your time just going with the flow and living your life- you don’t see the point in stressing out over where your partner is and how they’re doing 24/7. (Though honestly, might not hurt to care a little more, okay?)


You’re pretty easy going overall, and honestly if the relationship doesn’t pan out you’ll survive. It’s not that you don’t care- you just don’t see the point in being stressed out over someone not focusing on you all the time. If you’re being honest, it kind of weirds you out. Though you aren’t one to put up with dishonesty, you tend to be pretty trusting and free-flowing in a relationship, knowing that if they do choose to break your trust, you’ll have zero hesitation in walking away.


Though you enjoy captivating a love interest and engaging with them to get their attention, you don’t require it to thrive- you like to have your space and you’ll encourage your partner to grow and thrive on their own as well- you have plenty of confidence in your relationship and know that if you’re going to require your own space to seek out growth and opportunity, you have to extend that same offer to your partner, which you do so willingly.


You enjoy exploring possibilities and chasing opportunities that become open to you, and you want to encourage your partner to do the same. Though you expect loyalty out of your relationships just like anyone does, you also aren’t worried too much about your partner- as long as they are invested in your relationship and show they care, you aren’t stressed about where they are or what they’re doing when they aren’t with you.


You are definitely a person who requires your space in order to function in a relationship- and you make that pretty clear to anyone you end up with. Loyalty and honesty are incredibly important to you, so while you won’t put up with anything less, you also are one to encourage your partner to live their own life outside of your relationship- which requires a great deal of trust that you are more than willing to extend if you believe they are worthy of it.


You like your space, and you don’t waste time- you don’t get into a relationship unless you believe you can trust the person completely, so you feel you have no reason to wonder where their loyalties lie. You trust your partner easily, but if they can’t be worthy of that trust, you’ll cut ties and walk, no sweat.


It’s true that you like to have your alone time, and you don’t find yourself jumping into relationships often- but make no mistake, when you do genuinely connect with a person, it feels like it’s on a soul level, and you want to protect that. While you are trusting and care very much for the well-being of your partner, you can find yourself becoming a little possessive if someone else tries to capture the attention of your significant other- but only because you treat these connections seriously.


You have a reputation for getting lost inside your own head and daydreaming, and you give off an easy-going vibe to most people. Yet anyone who truly gets to know you if aware of your deep and oftentimes intense emotions, and if you’ve invested those emotions into a relationship, it’s easy for you to become connected to your partner in a very deep way. Because you love to spend time with and understand a person as much as possible, you can be a bit possessive from time to time if your partner seems distracted or disconnected from you and focused on other things, but you don’t like to smother them, and will give them the space to be themselves.


Overall you are an easy going partner- you’re fun, exciting, adventurous, etc. It typically takes you a while to even find a partner that you want to stick with, and so most of your dating is fairly casual and relaxed- however, if you do click and make a deeper connection with someone, you aren’t one to take it lightly- and you don’t expect them too either. If you’ve connected with someone and it’s becoming obvious that they aren’t giving you the full attention you’re used to, then a more possessive side of you can come out- one that makes it clear that you don’t normally invest in these types of things easily and that you expect them to be on the same page.

10. ISFP

In terms of trust, you are easily a type to give it out freely to your partner- you want to motivate and inspire them in all aspects of their life, and you don’t mind allowing them that space to do what makes them happy, as you hope they’ll do the same for you. However, you do enjoy having your partner’s undivided attention when you’re with them, and if you start to feel neglected or ignored, then you can have your moments of being possessive and wanting to keep the person all to yourself until you feel validated again.

11. ISFJ

You don’t see yourself as ever being possessive, but if we’re honest, you know you can have your moments from time to time. You have no issues with trusting your partner to live their lives, but you’re also someone who doesn’t hesitate to shower your loved one with affection and attention- and if you’re not receiving those things in return, you can be a bit possessive in regards to where their attention is. You aren’t confrontational or controlling, but you definitely crave your partner’s attention, which is understandable.

12. ENTJ

You are always one to have a plan and be pragmatic in all aspects of your life, and relationships are no exception. When you do find a partner you want to be with, you don’t stop until you achieve your goal- and you continue this within your relationship as well. You can have your moments of being quite possessive, because you don’t like the idea of sharing your partner with others by any means. Yet you still have a great sense of respect for them, and you will trust them to not betray you or the relationship.

13. ESTJ

You’re a pretty independent person, and you often are more than willing to give your partner space to do the same. However, you also find yourself wanting to make sure your partner is making the best choices and decisions for their lives- and while well-intentioned, your abrasive nature can come off as being possessive. You aren’t afraid to tell your partner if you think they are hanging out with untrustworthy people, or making choices you don’t think are best for them- and while you may be right, it doesn’t change that your partner might feel a bit controlled.

14. ESFJ

You will go out of your way for your partner, and you always hope they will do the same in return. Because of how easily you dive head first into relationships, its your hope that your partner is on the same level- and if you feel they aren’t appreciating you (and more so, appreciating someone else instead) it can cause you to be a little possessive. Though you never want to be a controlling partner, you still desire their attention and their validation, and if you aren’t receiving it then things can get a little messy.

15. ENFJ

All you want is for your partner to be the best kind of person they are capable of being- and you also just care SO DANG MUCH. You have a habit of constantly checking on your partner as well as the health of the relationship, and you’re very adept at picking up shifts if something isn’t right, and at times this may come off as smothering or possessive. Yet your partner knows your heart, and though you can definitely be possessive of your partner, you genuinely do have their best interests at heart.

16. ESFP

You truly don’t have a desire to be possessive, but you also enjoy having the full attention of your partner- and if you feel you’re being ignored, it doesn’t sit well with you. You like to entertain entire rooms with your personality, and find yourself seeking validation from other people constantly, so it’s no surprise you also want the full and undivided attention of your partner even more- and if it seems they’re attention is elsewhere, you take it pretty personally. Luckily you’re an incredibly engaging and exciting partner to have, so how can they not pay attention to you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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