Next Year, Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

Next Year, Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

It seems another year is quickly coming to a close. We tend to use this time to draw close to our loved ones and spend the holidays celebrating and reflecting on how the year has gone for us. It’s also the time we start reflecting on ourselves. Who we are, what we want, what our goals are, and who we are hoping to share all of it with.

Maybe you already have someone’s hand to hold and whose heart syncs up with your own. If you do, then hold on tight, and be thankful that you stumbled across something so wonderful. Yet maybe you’re ending the year without a significant other by your side—and there isn’t any shame in that. Even the most independent person can’t deny that every now and then, they have daydreams about finding the right person to give their heart to. There might even be a part of you that pines for someone whose lips you could kiss at midnight, ready to start a brand new year together. Though I know it can be easy to get caught up in the rush of it all, I hope that you take the time to find someone who truly will be the kind partner you deserve, not just settle for some random person out of complacency.

So next year, stay single until you meet someone who truly is worth all of the effort and all of the desire you have in your heart that you want to pour out. Someone who is more than just a warm body to snuggle up next to, but someone who actually makes you think, and feel, and grow. Someone who doesn’t try to be perfect, but who does try to be their best for themselves and for you, inspiring you to do the same.

Stay single until you meet someone who is willing to put in the effort—whatever that looks like in your relationship. Someone who isn’t afraid of seeming “too needy” or “too cool” to care about whether your relationships succeeds or fails. Someone who takes the time to show you just how much you mean to them, not just says it every now and again when the conversation reaches a lull.

Stay single until you meet someone who is just as dedicated to getting to know you and the things that make your eyes light up with passion and fervor as they are in sharing things with you about themselves. Someone who may not understand everything about you, or even enjoy everything you do, but they will still take the time to learn and engage with you about those things because they matter to you, and you matter to them. Someone who is not afraid to share their own interests with you because they know you’re invested and intrigued by them and crave to know all you can.

Stay single until you meet someone who isn’t afraid to let you know how they feel, in whatever way that may be for them. Someone who doesn’t think expressing themselves emotionally is a weakness, but something to be celebrated and if they aren’t as comfortable doing so, then communicating that to you so you can find a solution together. Someone who doesn’t shy away from acknowledging your relationship in public, but is excited to share it with others because they believe they are so incredibly lucky to be by your side.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t run away at the first sign of a conflict, but who stays and desires to work things out because they believe your relationship, and you, are worth the work. Someone who doesn’t view your relationship as a burden after just one fight, but realizes this relationship is worth the fight. Someone who takes the time to hear your side of things and doesn’t dismiss or diminish you just because they may not agree.

Stay single until you meet someone who learns the way you show and receive love, and does their best to love you in those ways. Someone who doesn’t simply shrug and say “that’s just not the way I am”, but puts in an honest effort towards giving it a shot even if they aren’t the best at it. Someone who isn’t afraid to call you out if you continuously take and take, but aren’t inclined to return the favor, because it can be so easy to focus on the way we want to be loved, rather than how the other person needs it themselves.

Stay single until you meet someone who not only supports and encourages you in your goals and pursuits but is willing to lend a hand if you ask them for it. Someone who doesn’t dismiss your dreams as something unrealistic or silly, but truly believes in them, because they believe in you.

Stay single until you meet someone who is just as dependable in being there during the hard and inconvenient times as they are in the happy and enjoyable ones. Someone who you don’t have to waste time worrying if they will come through when they say they will because they never give you a reason to doubt it. Someone who understands that relationships aren’t just fun and games, but sometimes they carry struggles and difficulties in them as well.

Stay single until you meet someone who is interested in growing alongside you and helping you become the best version of yourself, knowing that you’ll do the same in return. Someone who doesn’t hesitate to call you out when you’re in the wrong, but out of a place of compassion, not bitterness or resentment. Someone who realizes that both of you will change and grow the longer your relationships continue and they will do whatever they can to try an ensure that you both grow and change together.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t just compliment you on your appearance, but also on your personality, your passion, and all the other qualities that make you who you are. Someone who understands the importance of holding your hand or kissing you when you least expect it, but also takes the time to express their adoration for you in other ways. Someone who isn’t just interested in your body, but in your mind, heart, and everything else you have to offer.

Stay single until you meet someone who doesn’t claim they will never hurt you because they know you’re both human and that it will happen at some point, but who isn’t afraid to apologize when they are wrong and learn from their mistake. Someone who isn’t afraid to be patient with you if it takes a while to let your guard down because you’ve been hurt in the past, but who takes each step with you one day at a time. Someone who reaches towards forgiveness and second chances before they reach for the door.

Stay single until you meet someone who makes loving them seem worth it, even when they are at their most unlovable. Someone who makes you feel like you’re worth loving, even when you’re at your most unlovable. Someone who sees your dark parts and your unflattering sides and doesn’t use them as excuses to run away, but as something to bring you both closer together.

Stay single until you meet someone who, when New Year’s Eve rolls around, they’ll make that kiss at midnight worth all the wait—that you’ll know you’ve found someone who was worth holding out for. That you’ve found someone to take on the next year with together, and so many others after it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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