How Your Personality Changes Over Time Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


You start learning to take care of yourself and your health—rather than postponing sleeping, eating or showering when you’ve discovered a new idea that you’re obsessed with—and you find that you’re actually able to follow through on your plans better than you used to.


You have a much easier time expressing your thoughts and feelings in much more logical and precise ways rather than turning everything into metaphors. You also have learned how to look at your past and rather than get swept away in the nostalgia and lose yourself in it, you’re able to use the past as lessons that you don’t want to repeat in the future.


You aren’t hell-bent on only using out-of-the-box methods and cold logic to achieve your goals. You finally recognize when traditional methods can and should be used, as well as how to take into account the feelings of the people around you and learning how to incorporate those insights into achieving the things you strive for.


You find you’re able to use your past experiences to help with your future endeavors and you feel more comfortable making emotional commitments and sticking with them rather than simply detaching due to the uncertainty of what you’re supposed to do.


You find yourself becoming even better and more comfortable coming up with new creative solutions to the goals and plans you have already set, as well as using your ability to pick out the harsh truths about others and using it to nurture and help them develop in healthier ways rather than using it to manipulate people for your own gain.


You’re able to quickly take in new pieces of information and fit them into the framework of what you already know, as well as becoming more comfortable stepping out and trying new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things rather than repeating the same methods you have stayed close to over the years.


You are able to appreciate and apply creative ideas to achieve your goals rather than keeping an iron grip on the traditional methods you’ve always gone by, as well as finally determining how your strong set of morals—and how you feel about those morals—fit into the rest of the puzzle that is your life.


You’re consistent in knowing your morals and adhering to them, yet you find yourself more at ease exploring new ideas and possibilities than you have been previously, finally realizing that sticking to the exact same methods isn’t always the best option for every situation life may throw your way.


You develop a stronger sense of thinking on your feet because of how well you are tuned into the world around you, as well as using the harsh truths you discover about others and helping nurture and guide them, rather than being judgemental due to your discoveries.


You are able to easily pick up on new pieces of information and fit them into the reality of what you already know to be true, as well as finding you’re more at ease with the physical world around you and more in tune with what’s taking place, rather than treating the world around you like something to be uncertain of or distrust.


You find yourself taking other’s feelings and ideas into account more than before and using those insights as you move forward in your own passions to make things as smooth and successful as possible, as well as developing your ability to determine how things might unfold in the future and entertaining those possibilities in a way that you actually enjoy instead of allowing them to stress you out beyond belief.


You find yourself at a much greater ease seeing how you can improve upon things that you’re already doing—even things you’re doing well—as well as finding an easier time committing to and making emotional commitments to the people you care about because you aren’t afraid or unsure of what is being asked of you.


You find yourself having an easier time employing the most straightforward method towards achieving your goals and desires, as well as being more in tune with the possibilities of what could happen in the future and entertaining what those could look like.


You find you’re able to pick up on how you can improve your approach to things you already do well and are able to push yourself to do them even better, as well as being able to more effectively determine the things you need to make your ideas and dreams a reality and communicating those ideas/feelings in a more straightforward manner.


You find yourself more able to think on your feet and be in tune with the social/emotional cues of people around you, while also determining your morals and how to use them better in your decision-making processes as opposed to cold-detached logic.


You are more comfortable in adhering to your morals and sticking to them even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult, as well as finding yourself more easily in tune with the physical world around you and being in tune to what’s happening as opposed to what’s only going on inside your own head. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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