Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types Based On How Hard It Is For Them To Commit To A Relationship

1. ISTP: It’s not that you’re not capable of commitment, but you also tend to take things on a day-by-day basis, in the strictest sense of the term. You might feel very “committed” today, but tomorrow could be an entirely different story, and as such you have a hard time allowing yourself to commit to…well, anything.

2. ESTP: You don’t have an issue with being in a relationship, but that person has to learn to keep up and fast. You are always ready and embarking on a brand new adventure, and whatever insanely cool thing it is that you’re doing, the person you commit to has to be even more intriguing than that…and let’s be real, that doesn’t happen very often.

3. ESFP: Listen, we know, you’re effortlessly cool, charming, and socially likable. In fact, the amount of charisma you pour out gives you quite a few options to choose from. Of course once you’re in a relationship, you’re extremely excited about that one person and you aren’t afraid to show it, but actually getting you to narrow down your options and PICK one tends to take quite a while because come on, we know you’re eating up all the attention you’re getting from your many potential suitors.

4. ENTP: We already know you’re incredibly witty and exceptionally charming, so it’s no wonder you have multiple people who are dying to commit to you. You tend to present a detached nature from the start, and you definitely love having your share of options so it will take someone really intriguing to convince you to step out of the game and into something real.

5. ENFP: When it comes to relationships and love, you get REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. Yet truth be told, even when you find someone you’re interested in, you have a hard time wrestling with yourself about what else could be out there. The “grass is always greener” syndrome loves to rear its ugly head, and it causes you to hesitate before you decide to jump into any real relationship.

6. INTJ: We know that once you’re invested in someone, you’re all in- but we also know it takes you an insanely long time to get there. You are definitely one to value your independence and aren’t quick to give that up for hardly anyone, and you also spend a great deal of time analyzing situations, which means that coming to a decision about whether the person you like is truly worth the commitment takes way more time than the average person.

7. INFP: there is nothing you would love more than to find your soulmate and live happily ever after- yet that tends to be where the issue lies for you. While commitment itself may not be the problem, your idealistic expectations are- and it causes you to write off anyone that doesn’t fit your picture perfect ideal. You definitely don’t want to settle, and you shouldn’t, but this also means that getting involved in a commitment is going to take a while of you sorting through all those toads until you find your prince to hopelessly love and cherish until you die.

8. INTP: You aren’t one to really put too much stock into relationships as much as the other types, but your commitment determination really seems to stem more from a strong to desire to be alone rather than a fierce aversion to commitment itself. If you found someone who gave you plenty of space, was totally honest and was really determined to understand you, you wouldn’t have an issue committing to them. Yet as it stands, it can be pretty hard for you to come across people like that, right?

9. ISFP: You’re not an easy person to get to know, and part of you kind of likes it that way. Yet you do have a desire to be understood and known by a person who loves and cherishes you-you just have to actually find the person willing to tear down the God knows how many walls you’ve built up trying to protect yourself- yet if they do, you’re all theirs.

10. INFJ: You really don’t have much of an issue with commitment when you really look at it- but you do spend quite a long time inside your own mind thinking it over and over…and over. Once you finally do decide to take the jump and commit to a person, you aren’t one to back out whatsoever.

11. ENTJ: You might tend to give off a pretty emotionally unavailable vibe, simply because you have plenty of goals you’re working towards. Yet truth be told, once you set your eyes on the person you want, you want nothing short of a full commitment, and it won’t be hard to convince you to take a chance on it if the other person has the same goals you do.

12. ISFJ: You honestly prefer the stability of a committed relationship over the uncertainty of casual dating, yet much like your INFJ friend, you tend to take a while to think things through to ensure you won’t have any regrets later on. Yet once you have made up your mind, it will take heaven and earth to prevent you from following through and investing heavily into the commitment you’ve made.

13. ESTJ: You’re all about the practical aspects to things, and to you, it doesn’t make sense to waste time on something vague when you already know you are interested in the person. You definitely aren’t one to simply settle for just anyone, yet once you know what you want and that it makes sense, you have no qualms about committing to them.

14. ISTJ: You literally roll your eyes at anyone who talks about having “flings” or “almost relationships.” For you, it’s very simple: commit, or walk away. You tend to be pretty old-fashioned about these things, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

15. ENFJ: You are not one to beat around the bush about the way you feel about someone- if you’re in, you’re all in, and it usually doesn’t take you too long to determine that due to your exceptional ability of reading people and understanding them right from the start. You don’t have any hang-ups about committing yourself to a person, so long as they promise to do the same to you.

16. ESFJ: Commitment is honestly your middle name. You will bend over backward and go completely out of your way to meet your loved one’s needs in every single capacity, and you’re always hoping they will be willing to return that same devotion right back to you. Commitment is basically second nature for you-you just need to find the ones that are truly worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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