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Here’s How Each Myers-Briggs Type Can Thrive In July


You’ve had a lot of ideas racing around inside of your brain of all the things you want to do, and you’ve been holding yourself back most likely because you’re afraid of failing. Yet this month you’ll find yourself thriving if you take a chance and follow through on at least one of these ideas and chase it to its fullest potential, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of, and how you’ll inspire others along the way.


You have a ton of big-picture ideas rattling around in your head, and they are infinitely more fun and exciting to think about than the concerns of your day-to-day that are calling for your attention. You’re going to find that if you apply your problem-solving solutions to everything in your life—not just the ones you prefer to think about—and communicate those solutions to the people in your life in a way that confident without being arrogant, you’re going to start thriving more than you ever have before.


You’re one of the most compassionate people to ever exist, yet that doesn’t make you immune to human nature. You will thrive by setting down the jealousy and shame you’ve been holding onto—about you or about your feelings towards someone else. You already have more intense emotions than half of the universe combined, and this month will be a good time to use that to connect with other people in your life in ways you’ve never done before. You’ll be surprised at how incredible it will feel.


You know it’s in your nature to let things happen inside your head and be skeptical about it for god knows how long, but truthfully you’ll really start thriving when you actually pursue that thing/person/idea you’ve been thinking about for months, rather than letting cynicism take over. The result will leave you feeling happy that you chose to be open-minded about the opportunity rather than miss out, and the realization that you’re capable of this is going to cause you to thrive in ways you never thought possible.


You have a bad habit of constantly caving into the wants and desires of the people you love and want to love you. Yet in July, you’re going to start truly thriving when you set boundaries and can say “no” in a way that is loving but confident in its decision. You will find that you can still make an incredible impact. Actually, even more so, on the people around you once you take the time to take care of yourself too rather than running yourself ragged.


To some people, constantly changing up their interests is a sign of growth. But for you, you’ll find yourself thriving while you’re sticking close to the thing you’re best at. You’re not stagnant, not by any means, you’re constantly learning and developing those skills into something that can sustain you and those you care for, and finding that balance between doing what’s best for you and best for your group will be proof of how much you’re thriving.


No one can argue that when it comes to being efficient, you’re the go-to person hands down. Yet when it comes to unexpected situations or dealing with incompetence, you tend to become frustrated and angry. You’re going to thrive this month when you find a way to set those feelings of anger and frustration aside and learn to work within the situation, regardless of if it changes and doesn’t follow exactly as you think it should. Once you do, you’ll not only handle unexpected situations with enthusiasm rather than anxiety, you’ll realize how much easier your life will become and you’ll thrive in ways you never thought possible.


You know the best way to go about things because you’ve witnessed and taken into account the way things have played out in the past and your laid out plans are incredibly helpful for yourself and for others. Yet you’re going to really thrive when you set aside your tendency for stubbornness and insistence on the “correct way” and explore the possibility of exploring new options while still being led by your internal sense of right and wrong.


There is always an insatiable desire in you to help the people you care for, and it’s something that while people may not always thank you for, it’s appreciated beyond belief. Sometimes in your desire to guide people to be their best, you have negative judgments that might cause you to lash out or even make you want to abandon them. Yet this month, if you can set aside those tendencies and compassionately guide these people to be the best version of themselves, you’ll realize that this is exactly the kind of thing you were made to do.


You know you sometimes like to keep to yourself (okay, most of the time). You have a perfectionistic nature that feels difficult to explain or trust others with, yet this month you’ll really start to thrive when you share some of those insanely accurate truths about life that you keep inside your mind with the people you care for and are growing to care for. The connection you’ll experience will be mind-blowing to yourself AND to them, and you’ll find you’re honestly at your best self when you’re letting people in a little.


You seem to be able to do it all. We know you’re the first to take action when you decide you want something. You’ll find yourself thriving in July when you not only take action but combine that with taking in all the possibilities with your inescapable logic and applying it to the bigger picture, as well as taking into account what the people in your life need. To everyone else, you’ll seem like some sort of superhero, and to yourself, you’ll feel like the best possible version of yourself.


You already see the quickest and most effective way to do just about anything in life; there isn’t a person who can possibly argue with that. Yet in July, if you can find a way to take your desire to dissect the world you live in and combine it with executing the practical plans you’ve created in your mind, you’re not only going to thrive, you’re going to be unstoppable.


You really like being liked: and most of the time, people really do, so it works out for you. Sometimes this means you might find your decisions are more affected by the people around you rather than your own thoughts and feelings. Yet in July, you’ll really thrive once you learn how to socialize and let people be part of your life while still making important decisions and providing for yourself. We all know you thrive when you’re with people, but you’ll be amazed by how much farther you’re going to take yourself once you learn how to support others and yourself at the same time.


You are someone who is wildly creative and incredibly hard on yourself. In July, if you can set aside all that self-doubt and criticism you tend to pile onto yourself and share your passionate gifts with the people you love, you’re going to unleash more potential within yourself than you’ll know what to do with and you’ll thrive in the most unexpected of ways.


You already know that you feel at your best when you’re in the leadership role: and truthfully most people won’t argue that you’re well suited for the job. Yet this month, if you’re willing to set down your desire for complete and total control and take a minute to structure plans that are open to change and direction from others working with you, you’re going to be surprised just how much you’re going to thrive. The realization that you can still hold the reigns without dragging everyone else behind you is going to open more possibilities than you ever dreamed of.


You are capable of so much, and if we’re honest I think we both already know this. Your ability to take your visions of a bigger picture and actually put action behind them in such a natural way already sets you up to make so much change to the world around you, and this month all you have to do is take a moment to express a little more empathy and allow yourself to see things from other people’s points of view. You’re about to shake this world up, and thrive in ways you, or anyone else, didn’t realize were imaginable.

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