11 Reasons Why Hopeless Romantics Actually Have The Hardest Time Falling In Love


1. You genuinely want an actual commitment. When you think about dating, you want something serious and committed- but in today’s modern dating age, it’s difficult to sift out who wants the same things you do.

2. You’re cautious with who you spend your time with and on. When you are interested in someone, you are all in- you don’t want to waste your energy on someone who simply wants to “hang out” or “Netflix and chill.”

3. You have fairly high standards when it comes to love. You want all the romance, love, and passion that you see in those movies, or in other couples you know, or in those cute old couples you see out to dinner, and you refuse to settle for anything less.

4. Casual. Dating. *cringe* You know exactly what you want, and you know you aren’t going to find it swiping right or through being friends-with-benefits. And yet, it feels like everyone you meet/are potentially interested in exclusively wants that. Ugh.

5. It’s hard to fall for someone through technology. Majority of dating is done online or through some form of social media/app. It’s almost impossible for you to tell how you feel about a person when most of your conversations are through screens- where you can’t hear their voice or see their genuine smile, the kinds of things that make you swoon.

6. You watch romantic movies and wish they were a real depiction of love. You secretly know that majority of guys aren’t going to be like Noah from The Notebook…and yet you really REALLY want to hold out hope that you find your own Noah from The Notebook.

7. You daydream…a LOT. About potential dates, about adventures you want to take with the love of your life, how they will propose, what your wedding will look like- and you’re afraid that no one is going to actually live up to the fantasies you’ve imagined in your mind.

8. Unless you find someone who is just as hopelessly romantic as you, being with anyone else feels like settling. You know that not everyone thinks just like you do when it comes to how love should be…but also, why don’t they? Are heartfelt love letters and grand romantic gestures really too much to ask?

9. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. And as a result, it’s become pretty battered. It’s hard to really keep throwing yourself out there over and over when you know that it’s most likely going to end with you being broken…again.

10. “The grass is always greener” syndrome tends to hit you HARD. Your daydreams and fantasies get the best of you- and as good as the person you’re interested in seems to be, you can’t help but wonder if that other person that is just SO attractive and charming could be your actual soulmate.

11. Sometimes you love the idea of love, more than actual love. It’s a hard thing to admit, but hopeless romantics tend to really focus on the romance and feelings portions that are associated with love, while conveniently ignoring the messier and more mundane parts. Once the excitement and passion fades away, so does your desire to stick around and really work out the more “dull” aspects that love requires. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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