8 Simple Things I Want To Tell The Guy I May Spend My Life With

Clem Onojeghuo
Clem Onojeghuo

1. Dance with Me:

I don’t care if you have two left feet, I’ll trade one with you. I don’t care if we don’t really know a dance form as long as we can move together. Come with me to a club where we don’t need ten other people to go with. Forget the club—turn the radio up and rock the kitchen floor with me!

2. Cook with Me:

I’m no cook and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a chef, either, but try recipes with me. Let’s burn a cake and get into a jam fight and sometimes surprise ourselves with a masterpiece. There is nothing more intimate than cooking together!

3. Laugh with Me:

Maybe the finances are low or the new sofa just broke, but as long as we are still laughing about it a few minutes later, we’ll be okay. I want those inside jokes that only we get. I want to laugh till our abs hurt and we look at each other lying on the floor thinking how beautifully messed-up we are!

4. Read to Me:

I love stories and being lost in a book but I often drift off or my eyes are too sore from all the computer and books in the day. Read to me and I’ll be yours. Surprise me with different excerpts. Take me into those different worlds. Especially, please read to me when I’m sick.

5. Be Crazy with Me:

I’m crazy and I love it! Not the kind you’d think with quitting jobs or life or getting too many tattoos but I’m crazy in my own way. I live in a world of make-believe and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I make lists all the time and I’ll make you do things like crash a wedding or watch a Korean movie. I’ll get excited about free pizza even if we are filthy rich! So get excited with me or just sigh at my stupidity but love me for it, not despite of it.

6. Travel with Me:

I cannot tell you enough how much I need to see the world and I know we can’t just leave life and travel. I do want a job and a family but I will always make time to travel. So sometimes let me go by myself, and sometimes come along. I promise it’ll be the best decision you make (after me of course).

7. Grow with Me:

I want to keep becoming a better version of myself and if you’re going to be an integral part of me then I need us to keep becoming a better version of us. We need to be cheerleaders to each other. Make sure I take that language class and I’ll kick your butt to the gym!

8. Live with Me:

Lastly, I cannot just go to the office and come home or attend a party. I need to see the sun set often. I need to smell the grass after the first rain and I need to find the tiny marshmallows for my hot chocolate. These aren’t lines from a book, these are really things I do. So don’t ever take this away from me because I never want to merely exist, I want to ‘live’ and now…I want to live with you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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