Breathe—What’s Meant To Be Will Always Be

Breathe in.

One. Two. Three…

It may seem like it’s hard now, but everything that’s meant to happen will happen anyway. Some for the worse, some for the best.

Even if you try to stop it, even if it breaks you or it makes you sad, what’s already planned all along will not be fazed.

Like how your fate is already laid out the moment your mother conceived you. You may not know it yet—nobody does—but it’s already there in the hands of time. It’s ticking every breath you take.

So inhale.

Whatever’s killing you now will only make you stronger. Whatever’s broken will someday heal. Whatever’s falling apart will someday be rebuilt.

I’m sorry if it’s not how you planned it to be, but someone greater had your best interest at heart, so you need not to worry.

It might not be your hands that drew the cards, but it might just be your lucky day. You just have to keep the faith and hold on.

That’s what you have to do, just make sure that you have yourself intact and you know who you really are.

Make sure that after everything that’s meant to happen, you still have yourself. Do not lose you.


You will not forever be lost.

Because what will be will always be.

Que sera, sera, darling. No matter how much you try to change or to take control, you can’t change what’s already written.

If it’s meant to hurt you, then let it hurt like a motherfucker.

If it’s meant to break you, then hope that it gives its best shot and takes you down for good.

If it’s meant to kill you, then live today like it’s going to be your last day on earth.

Breathe and let it all go.

Let all the worries go, because it won’t change anything. It won’t alter what the universe already has in store for you.

Take the risk now. If it makes you happy, then good for you. If it doesn’t, then lesson learned—try again.

Now breathe out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You are me and I am you.

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