The Truth Is A Real Relationship Isn’t About Forever

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Greg Rokozy

When I was young, I always wondered what it would be like to be with someone for a really long time. Someone who knows all about your secrets and why you like to stay up in the middle of the night just staring at the ceiling and thinking what it would be like if you had done things differently.

I wondered what it would be like to have someone to share my everyday troubles and how I always get lazy when it comes to brushing my hair. I wondered what it would be like to put down my walls and tell someone the reasons why I find it hard to trust anyone else but myself.

I only gave pieces of myself because I thought that the big ones aren’t supposed to be spilled unless I know that they will really stay. Then I found out that it was always the small ones that actually matter.

It’s the small ones that make the big ones important.

I realized that a relationship isn’t about how you like your food but who you are willing to share your food with. A relationship isn’t about who gets to pick what movie to watch or who gets to clean the dishes. None of it matters if you don’t like who you are spending your time with.

I realized that being in a relationship, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together but how deep you got in the ocean you were so afraid to dive into.

It’s not about the amount of vacations you had together; it’s about the storms you both passed through hand in hand.

It doesn’t matter how many laughs or tears you’ve shed but how you are willing to stay there beside that person as he moves along in life. You won’t interfere to their growth. You’ll be the sun that will help them grow into the person they should be.

Long term relationships aren’t about forever; it’s about the bond.

It’s the friendship that keeps on tying you two together.

Forgiveness and trust is now a big part of your relationship along with honesty and faithfulness.

And it’s not easy. Nothing is.

There are times when you get bored and tired of arguing over the same things again and again. There are times when you wish that you never wake up to see the other’s face again, but this is for sure. You won’t give up, not because of how long you’ve been together.

Time is never a reason for anything.

But because you won’t have anyone who will know you better than you even know yourself.

I only wondered about this when I was young and now it is here. I never even thought it has been this long already.

We say the exact same things all at the exact same time. We have the same thoughts sometimes I wonder if he’s actually reading my mind.

Now, we have all these stupid codes and inside jokes that only the two of us can understand. We know about each other’s past and are not ashamed to talk about it.

Tell me, is it still about forever?

I guess not, it’s about how we are willing to do our part just to keep this bond strong and intact.

It’s about working together as one. It’s about trying and never giving up when things are rough.

It’s about believing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You are me and I am you.

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