Date A Girl Who Reads Tarot

Date a girl who reads tarot cards. Date a girl who spends her money on a $20 tarot reading special on the sidewalk near her job. Date a girl who has a bookmark in her Safari browser called “Magic Spell Book,” who uses The Star card as a bookmark.

Find a girl who reads tarot cards. She isn’t so easy to spot but you’ll know that she does because while sitting across from her on the bus, you’ll see her staring intently at an oversized card and taking notes. She knows she can’t have a reading done by every psychic on the sidewalk but she’ll linger a while and listen in on the readings of others. She’ll gaze at the reader with silver hair and crows feet as if she is looking at herself from another life.

If you’re lucky enough to go into her bedroom, you’ll find a deck on her nightstand and another on her bookshelf, the one with lost cards. You’ll find her role model, the Queen of Pentacles pinned to her bulletin board, right next to her affirmations, visualizations, and the other half of the two dollar bill you gave her.

When you date a girl who reads tarot cards, you date a girl who believes in magic and signs. She’ll write you a letter telling you that the day you began corresponding, the Two of Cups appeared. And the time you disappeared and came back and again, she saw the Two of Cups then, too. You’ll call her and ask what it means and she’ll be shy to answer. She will wonder how to explain that she doesn’t believe in things like twin flames but maybe she does. She’ll be shy to say, “our love will change the world,” and say instead, “it’s a conscious meeting of the minds, an equal exchange of energy.” And when you’re together at the store where you buy your old stamps, you’ll see a book about tarot and ask again. She won’t tell you right there that you are the one, but she’ll flip to the page and read to you.

When you drop her off at the airport she will hug you and slip the Two of Cups into your winter jacket pocket. A card she carried with her from home and kept hidden in her journal. You don’t have to read tarot cards to know what she means by this. Or to know that you are the man and she is the woman. You only need eyes to see the house in the distance, and a heart that knows.

When you date a girl who reads tarot, don’t expect her to give you all the answers. Although as a young reader she’ll want to. She thinks she has life all figured out and she may. She’ll want to tell you of her prophetic dreams, especially the one of your mother holding her cheeks and kissing her forehead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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