5 Unromantic Things That The Strongest Couples Do Every Day

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Even the strongest individuals long to be valued by someone that understands and appreciates their idiosyncrasies. Durable partnerships conquer the globe together, because a true duo can set the world on fire simply by being in one another’s company.

But strength does not come from jovial, lighthearted times, rather bottomless pits and starless galaxies. Everlasting twosomes understand that love is not always sunshine and that vulnerability is not weakness – it’s admirable strength.

Love is picking the other up off the floor and reminding them to breathe when you cannot breathe yourself.

1. A formidable pair respects their significant other by showing interest in their life even when their schedule is jam-packed.

Compelling couplets give the other their undivided attention even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Turning off one’s ego to truly apprehend what the other is thinking and feeling can be incredibly challenging, but they do so because their person is just as important as their own thought process.

The best pairs are inquisitive, compassionate, and patient with one another even when they know the word vomit about to come out of their partner’s mouth is verbatim from the night before.

Strength in a partnership is built by understanding and truly listening when the other speaks. Otherwise, important details can go in one ear and out the other. Communication can go awry and feelings can be misconceived if the other isn’t tuned in or is only thinking about their own feelings.

2. Strong partners are so intrigued and aroused by one another that they do not even notice the other’s flaws.

Individuals in a strong partnership think so highly of one another that they do not notice the fact the other wore the same shirt yesterday, that they have a pimple on their chin, or that they gained or lost weight due to stress factors. The only thing that crosses their mind is that the other is absolutely beautiful and admirable.

When their partner’s heart is on their sleeve, they want to catch them knowing they fell. When one hits rock bottom and cannot get out of their head, they squeeze them tight and tell them it will be okay.

3. A powerful duo meets their partner halfway without being asked to.

The sock drawer is empty, the dog has not been outside in eight hours, rent was due yesterday, the trash is piling up, and the only entities in the fridge are takeout from three days ago, a Brita pitcher, and bottle of beer.

A strong companion recognizes these factors and is aware that their partner is fully equipped to take care of all these tasks solo. However, they jump the gun and pay rent, stock the fridge, and do a load of laundry before the other gets home anyway. They want to equally contribute and relieve the other of stress.

4. Strong couples call one another out.

We all need somebody to keep us in check. Strong units respect their partner for who they are and do not try to change the other. However, they call bullshit when they see it.

Perception is unique to an individual’s thought process, and everyone processes differently. Hearing a perspective that does not agree with yours is essential for personal growth. A strong partner is not afraid to tell their significant other when they think they are wrong and vice versa.

5. Secure partners do not avoid conflict, they argue, and work through their differences.

The strongest couples hammer pride with love and comprehension. A relationship that never struggles does not grow; it remains static. In order to grow, couples that embody strength are aware arguments and misunderstandings are bound to happen.

They create an honest atmosphere by compromising, understanding, and living in the present. This space allows both individuals to be vulnerable and real with one another. The most secure partnerships do not make assumptions based off superfluous information. If one is feeling insecure, they vocalize this strife in an endearing manner, so the confusion can be cleared up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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