The 3 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Wives

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Aries women are total go-getters. They are dynamic and adventurous, the kind of woman you meet and want to be around all the time. An Aries wife is passionate and opinionated, never afraid to speak her mind. Be aware that, yes, she’s an alpha, but she also likes people who challenge her. Marrying an Aries woman means you’ll be kept on your toes, in the best way possible. She’s engaged and excited about life, coming up with interesting vacation spots to travel to or things the two of you can explore together. You’ll never be bored if you marry an Aries. Her energy is contagious and even after being together 10, 20, 30 years, you’ll continue having fun together.


Similar to Aries women, Leos are leaders. They’re never afraid to take charge of a situation and people naturally flock to them. Though they have a reputation for being self-obsessed, Leo women are ferociously loyal to their partners. Mama Lions to the core, they will protect their family with everything they’ve got. They are loving, charming, and will do absolutely anything for their lifelong partner.


Slow to fall in love and let down her guard, Virgo women are not usually the first thought when it comes to best wife material. They can be skittish when it comes to romance and have a lot of defense mechanisms put in place to protect their hearts. But here’s the thing about Virgo women, they make amazing spouses. You just have to give them time and security. They are intelligent and capable, picking up on the smallest detail. You’ll always have a spotless home. She is a perfectionist, which can sometimes bite her in the ass, but it’s only because she cares so, so much. In contrast to a Leo woman, she’s very introverted, but she’s showing up for her partner every day in so many different ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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