When An Almost Relationship Ends, It Breaks You

Sylvain Reygaerts

An almost relationship being over will break you in a way you thought was reserved for the ending of longterm love.

It won’t even make sense, how intense it is. It’ll rip your heart out. It’ll throw it across the room and somehow make you feel guilty for being so distraught. It will be confusing. Confusing as to how you feel so much about something so undefined.

An almost relationship ending is a death to something you’re not sure was ever alive. Nobody knows how to mourn it. Nobody knows the right way to console you.

Was any of it real?

You’ll toss and turn trying to answer the question. You’ll ache in bed and cry out for what was. Or was almost. Almost. Almost. Almost. 

How do you explain this to your friends? How do you explain this to yourself?

An almost relationship ending will destroy you. It’ll hurt beyond reason. It’ll be right up there with other break ups. You know, the real ones.

Except this one is real too. This one is valid too.

You’ve lost someone you cared for.

You’ve lost someone who made you smile.

You’ve lost someone you imagined a future with.

And that stings. That’s brutal.

You’re allowed to be upset. You’re allowed to cry over it. You’re allowed to treat it like you would any other break up.

When an almost relationship ends, it’s losing your what if? It’s losing your could be. Your almost.

Don’t underestimate how heartbreaking something like that is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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