This Is How You Make Him Miss You


You make him miss you by letting him go.

You stop obsessively checking his social media. You stop imagining who he is with or what he’s doing. He stops being your first waking thought. He’s not your late night worry anymore. You unclench your fingers and let him slip through. You don’t wait for him to show back up.

You make him miss you by pursuing your passions.

You take a class you’ve always wanted to. You commit to learning every day. You have adventures in new cities. You open your heart to new friends, to new people. You dedicate time to your hobbies. You pour yourself into things that bring you joy.

You make him miss you by having fun with your friends.

And, no, not just to post on Instagram. You aren’t having fun to prove anything. You just are. You’re reconnecting to friends and dancing or going to concerts or whatever it is that you love doing. You don’t need him in your life to enjoy it.

You make him miss you by letting your heart stay wild.

You don’t box yourself in. You don’t harden your shell. You find yourself in liberation. You are gentle with your feelings.

You make him miss you by loving yourself.

Maybe it’s not right away. Maybe it’s a process. But you start noticing your strengths instead of your flaws. Positive affirmations become part of your routine. You pick up all the pieces he left behind. You start gluing them back together. You don’t need his permission to see all the good in you.

You make him miss you by not missing him.

That’s when he crawls back. That’s when he sees exactly what he lost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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