The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With An Emotional Woman

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An emotional woman will come into your life wearing her huge heart on her sleeve. It’ll be an instant kind of magic. You’ll be attracted to her kindness and compassion, the way she’s always looking for ways to help other people. It’ll inspire you, too. You’ll want to do better. You’ll want to be better.

You’ll fall for her quickly because it’s so easy to. She doesn’t hold back. She doesn’t calculate how much love to give. Loving her means knowing, without any doubt, how much you’re loved too. She’s not into playing it cool. Affection pours out of her.

Over time, you’ll discover how intensely she cares about her passions. There’s nothing monotonous about her. Every day is a new adventure, a chance to explore the world together. She is buzzing and electric. Together, you’re electric too.

It will turn into the most fulfilling, open relationship you’ve ever had.

Yes, her emotions spill out of her.

Yes, when she’s upset, she’s really upset. She doesn’t know how to dull it. She doesn’t know how to keep things in.

Yes, when she’s hurting, it will be painful to witness. Her heartache will be palpable. And you’ll wish you could fix it. You’ll wish you never had to see her cry.

And yes, sometimes these extremes will be tiring. Sometimes you’ll wonder if a relationship would be simpler with someone quieter. Someone who keeps to themselves. Someone who doesn’t ask for what they want.

Maybe it would.

But a relationship with an emotional woman is the best you’ll ever have.

Because she isn’t scared off by difficulties. When you are struggling, she will be there offering a steady hand to hold. When you are upset, she will listen and console you. When you are anxious, she’ll honor your emotions. She’ll never tell you to relax or calm down. Your emotions will never be a source of shame or embarrassment. She understands you.

In fact, you will learn more about your own emotions by watching her. She doesn’t punish herself for feeling. You’ll want to be more like that. More like her.

It will be a relationship full of love, intensity, passion, and understanding.

An emotional woman gives her all. She gives 110% no matter what. 

So be good to her. Appreciate her. And hope you never, ever lose her.

Because you’ll never have something like that again. You’ll never know a love truer than hers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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