Men Like You Are The Reason She Has Trust Issues

Drew Wilson

Men like you are the reason she has trust issues. The reason she doesn’t believe it when someone says they love her. The reason she’s always looking for something to fall apart, for things to go south. The reason her eyes are constantly fixed on the emergency exit.

Men like you are the reason she built up such high walls. The reason she fears being let down again. The reason she’s nervous to let someone in, to lower her defenses. The reason she’s so afraid of letting her guard down.

Men like you are the reason she doesn’t throw herself out there. The reason she’s decided being alone is safer. The reason the joke of #dyingalone actually seems okay. She doesn’t want to be stung so badly again. She doesn’t want to feel her heart rip in half.

Men like you are the reason she’s cautious, even when someone wonderful comes along. The reason she can’t let herself fully fall without seeing your shadow, without seeing your ghost reminding her. The reason she’s haunted even when there’s no reason to be.

Men like you are the reason she’s tough. The reason she learned not to trust every pretty face. The reason she discovered just how strong she can be when she’s pushed to her limits. The reason she’ll never doubt her own abilities to survive a storm.

Quite frankly, men like you are the reason she’s going to do better from now on. Because men like you never deserved a woman like her. TC mark

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