If You Really Want A Lasting Relationship, Wait For Someone Like This

If you really want a lasting relationship, a forever person kind of love, you need to wait.

Wait until you meet someone who inspires your soul. Someone who awakens a fire inside of you you didn’t even know existed. Brings forth a desire to explore uncharted roads together. Someone who opens new worlds you couldn’t imagine, not even in your wildest dreams. Someone who breathes excitement into your daily existence.

Wait until you meet someone who makes you feel like a priority.

Someone who goes out of their way to show their love, their appreciation, how important you are to them. Someone never too busy to make you feel special.

Wait until you meet someone who makes your skin come alive with a single touch. Someone who kisses you and every baby hair stands at attention. Wait until there’s an undeniable attraction, a magic that makes your whole body vibrate.

Wait until you meet someone who supports your dreams. Someone who takes your passions seriously. Someone who wants your success and will lend emotional support whenever you need. Your biggest champion. Someone who believes in you, even when you don’t.

Wait until you meet someone who makes you laugh until you cry.

And those are the only tears they ever incite. Someone who shares your sense of humor and keeps you giggling, even when you don’t want to. A partner in goofiness. A pal you can be yourself around.

Wait until you meet someone willing to be vulnerable. To be real with you. Someone who understands love is more than the glossy, shiny parts. It’s opening up. It’s taking chances. It’s showing someone the dark stuff too. Wait until you meet someone who wants to dive in with you, even when it’s not pleasant. Someone who wants to be in it, all the way.

Because that’s someone you can create a life with.

That’s someone you want to be with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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