If You Really Love Her, You Have To Show It Every Single Day


Love is not something you can say once and expect it to sustain an entire relationship. It’s not a magic word that nourishes two people for the rest of forever.

Love requires action. It requires showing up and being there and promising to do better when either party screws up.

If you really love her, you need to continuously show it. Grab two coffees instead of just one for yourself. Make sure her favorite TV show is set up to record. Indulge in her guilty pleasures sometimes. (C’mon, you have to admit The Bachelor is pretty addicting…)

When she’s having a bad day, ask how you can make it better. And don’t just ask because it seems like the right thing to do. Ask because you want to make it better. Give her a massage or have a bottle of wine ready and waiting.

Love is always growing. Just like a relationship, it needs attention and care so it keeps blooming.

It need to be tended to. You can’t just expect it to sit there and do well just because you took care of it once. One time.

If you really love her, find ways to make sure she knows it. Remind her. Kiss her despite the morning breath. Tell her she’s beautiful when her skin is breaking out and she’s got dark circles under her eyes. Hold her as long as she needs.

It will not always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes love will feel harder than it should.

But keeping something alive is work. It’s dedication. It’s selflessness.

So, if you really love her, you can’t just say it.

You have to show it. Day after day. Night after night.

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