He’s Not Worth Your Time If He Treats You This Way

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He’s not worth it if he makes you doubt yourself. If he laughs at your interests, and when it upsets you, reassures you it was just a joke. His “humor” pokes at your insecurities. If he cripples your self-esteem.

He’s not worth it if he can’t dedicate time to you. If he sees you as something disposable, a thing he squeezes in when he feels like it. If his texts are sporadic, at best. If you’re the only one prioritizing time together.

He’s not worth it if sex seems to be the only thing he’s interested in. If he struggles to communicate with you when clothes are on, but makes you feel special in bed. If he says one thing when it’s nighttime and another in the morning. If he gets mad at you when you’re not in the mood or too tired. If he guilts you for not wanting to.

He’s not worth it if he’s indecisive. If one day he’s hot, the next he’s cold. If he treats your heart like a toy, something he can toss around without regard to your feelings.

He’s not worth it if you’re the only one making sacrifices. If you’re giving and giving, and he only ever greedily takes. If you’re trying and he’s barely meeting you halfway.

He’s not worth it if he openly flirts with other people. If he doesn’t make you feel like his one and only. If you’re not his one and only.

He’s not worth it if your friends and family all dislike him. If they see something you’re too blind right now to see. If they’re looking out for you and you refuse to admit they might be right. If it’s a choice between this dude and the people who have always been there for you, who have always had your back.

He’s not worth it if you spend your nights crying over him. If he puts your emotions on a constant roller coaster. If you’re empty and you don’t even understand why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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