He Broke Your Heart Once Already (Why Wouldn’t He Do It Again?)

Sasha Freemind

I know we always think we’re different. We always think our story is somehow special, that we’re the exception to the rule.

We say whatever we can to convince ourselves, to convince others who express doubts. It’s not like that now. He’s changed. 

We’re spinning in place hoping no one notices a reoccurring pattern.

If he broke your heart once, don’t assume he won’t do it again. Maybe he screwed up. Maybe he made a mistake. Maybe his apologies are completely valid and he’s going to work every day to be the man you deserve.

Maybe he’s going to be better this time. Maybe he understands the good thing he has. Maybe he appreciates you in a way he didn’t before.


But the brutal truth is, people don’t change as much as we want them to.

Actions will always speak louder to character. Promises are nice, but it’s easy to leave them empty. It’s easy to say you’re going to do something and never follow through.

So maybe he doesn’t break your heart this time. Maybe it really is different.

But pay attention. Be smart with your love. Yes, forgiveness is important. Yes, being human means we screw up sometimes.

He broke your heart once. He hurt you already. He knew the risks and did it anyway. He knew you would break, but let go anyway. He saw you cry, and still walked away.

What makes you think he wouldn’t do it again? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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