7 Painful Feelings That Actually Mean You’re Growing As A Person

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1. Feeling like you’re not the same person you once were. Because guess what? You’re probably not. And that’s supposed to happen. Every moment, every experience, every chapter in your life is meant to push you towards a new space. Clarity arrives once you’re secure with the new (but always changing) version of yourself.

2. Feeling like you’re behind everyone else. The truth is someone will always be ahead of you. Someone will always have something you want. It’s the grass is always greener concept. But this also means you’re self-aware and able to recognize the achievements and successes of others. Use that energy to motivate you to define your own path.

3. Feeling insecure. Insecurity stems from various things, but change is a big one. You’re being thrust into unknown territory. You’re doubting yourself and what you’re capable of. And in that is room for your growth.

4. Feeling unsatisfied with your career. You aren’t meant to stay in a singular spot forever. Apathy means you’ve outgrown your current environment. You need something bigger and better.

5. Feeling restless. Restlessness is a sign you are growing at a pace faster than those around you. This leads to a feeling of inactivity, of stagnation. You need new inspirations that fit and complement your energy.

6. Feeling more comfortable being alone than with your friends. Alone time is not a bad thing. People may guilt you or try to convince you this means you’re lacking, but that’s their issue. Maybe you need to reenergize and focus on your priorities. That can be difficult to do if you’re surrounded by people and constantly socializing.

7. Feeling lonely. Your current emotional (and possibly physical) needs are not being met. Recognizing and honoring this feeling means, going forward, you can choose to spend time with and on the things that will foster your contentment and development. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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