Love Isn’t Always Easy

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Love isn’t always easy. It’s not always a smooth road. It’s not always picturesque.

I know we want to believe the opposite. We want the fairytale romance, the grand gestures. The candles and roses and carefree dispositions. It’s supposed to be gentle and understanding and never cause doubts. It’s supposed to feel like coming home and never having a single worry again.

We think love should always come as soon as it’s called. It wakes up every morning the exact same, dedicated and patient.

But love, real love, is never perfect.

It’s not going to be easy every moment. How could it be? Nothing is.

Love means showing up. It means fighting through the hard parts. It means compromise and seeing the ugly parts in a person and still not wanting to run away.

Love is commitment. And commitment is hard. Is it rewarding? Of course.

But it comes with messiness. It comes with frustrating days and learning to love someone even when you’re angry. It comes with flaws and hard decisions and nights everything is falling apart.

Love isn’t always easy. And that’s how you know it matters. That’s how you know it’s important. They choose to stick around, even when life throws a curveball. That’s love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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