It’s Okay To Fail

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It’s okay to fail in love. It’s okay to do something that embarrasses you, to double text, to ask someone out and have them reject you. It’s okay if the people you like don’t always like you back. It makes finding someone – finding it, a connection with another human being who reciprocates everything you feel that much more special. It’s okay to fail in love because when there’s finally a win, it tastes so much sweeter. You appreciate it so much more.

It’s okay to fail in your job. It’s okay to realize you went down one road and it’s not the path you want to stick to longterm so you readjust your mirrors. It’s okay to not be the best one at your company and that maybe Sarah is always going to get more pats on the back than you from the boss. You’re not a screw up because you screwed up. You’re not married to one place, one career. You can always learn new skills and figure out the place you’ll best shine. Sometimes you have to mess up for that to happen.

It’s okay to fail in friendships. You’re not perfect and fights are going to happen. It’s okay to let someone down or to feel like you’re being overly sensitive. It’s even okay for some friendships to end. Not all things are meant to last forever and the right people will stick around.

It’s okay to fail in milestones. It’s okay that you’re not married or that you haven’t moved out of your parent’s house yet. Accomplishments are not necessarily linear and you’re going to go at different speeds than the people around you. It’s not even a failure. It’s just a difference. Some people zig while others zag. It’s okay.

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