Here’s How You Forgive The Person Who Broke Your Heart

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You forgive them by giving yourself time to heal. This doesn’t happen all at once. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow progression. You take two steps forward and four steps back. Sometimes it won’t make sense. But you grow a bit stronger, a bit more resilient, every single day. Even if you don’t always see it.

You forgive them by focusing on yourself. Stop pouring your energy into toxicity. You unplug. You unfollow. Practice self-care. Reread your favorite books and go out with your best friends, laughing and remembering how good things can be when you surround yourself with positivity. Tell your broken heart it’s okay to take a break – to remember how to smile again.

You forgive them by removing yourself from the situation. The longer you dwell in it, in the heartache, the more it festers. It’s difficult, but you have to leave it alone. Honor your emotions. Honor your feelings. But don’t keep circling back. Don’t keep obsessing over what occurred. Imagine it like a balloon. Let it float away. Tell it goodbye. It can’t hurt you now.

You forgive them by accepting what they did. That doesn’t mean the pain is erased. That doesn’t mean you suddenly think it’s okay or you’ve let them off the hook. It doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for their actions or that you’ve forgotten what happened. It just means accepting what’s done is done. It means admitting  there is no rewind button. You can only move forward.

You forgive them by regaining your life. Because there is so much more than just one person who broke your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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