Dude, Take A Hint, She Doesn’t Want You To Text Her

Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23

She doesn’t want you to text her. And that’s why she stopped responding. That’s why you’re getting hit with the *read by* notification. That’s why your inbox is still blank.

Seriously, it’s not as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

She doesn’t want you to try harder. She’s not playing mind games, specifically making you wait a certain amount of time. She’s not so busy that she can’t take two seconds to send you a reply.

If she’s not texting you, it’s because she doesn’t want to text you. She doesn’t want to communicate with you.

She’s telling you everything you need to know without even saying a word.

Continuing to flood her phone with constant messages won’t make her swoon and suddenly reconsider. She’s not thinking to herself, Gee, now that he’s asked me what I’m doing 5 fridays in a row, I know he’s the kind of person I can see myself being with.

So, stop.

If she’s not texting you back, there’s a reason. And whatever the reason, it’s hers to have. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I’m sorry you feel poorly. But you need to respect her silence. Back off. You might not even mean to be doing this, but there’s a good chance you’re making her wildly uncomfortable.

Perhaps there’s someone out there just hoping you’ll text. But guess what?

It’s definitely not her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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