Don’t Apologize For Having A Big Heart

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Don’t apologize for having a big heart. Don’t apologize for feeling things deeply. For being affected and attached, for falling for people without holding back.

Don’t apologize for being in touch with your emotions. Don’t apologize for giving and trying. Why is it cool to be apathetic? Since when was that better than actually investing in other human beings?

Never, ever underestimate how powerful you are. Having a big heart is your strength. Your empathy is admirable. The way you care for others isn’t something that can be taught. Encouraged, perhaps. But the way you do it, the way it’s so ingrained in your DNA, that’s just you. You and your goodness. Your love is so pure.

Don’t you get it? Being loved by you is the best feeling in the world.

Being loved by you means being seen and heard and valued. Your big heart cries and hurts when others are in pain. Your big heart looks for ways to help, offers a soft place to stay. Your big heart finds the best in people. Your big heart builds a shelter and protects the people it loves. Your big heart is an asset.

Your big heart is a thing of beauty.

Don’t apologize for it. Instead, show the world. Show the world how strong a big heart can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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