If He’s The Right Guy, He’ll Make You Feel These 9 Things

1. He makes you feel safe. And no, not just because he could protect you should someone come out of nowhere in dark alley. Just his presence puts you at ease. The right guy will make you feel safe in all aspects: emotionally, spiritually, sexually.

2. He makes you feel heard. He listens to you and engages in real, important conversation. He recalls things you’ve mentioned in the past and mentions them.

3. He makes you feel respected. He cares about your opinions and perspective. He respects your body AND your mind.

4. He makes you feel appreciated. He doesn’t take you for granted. He makes an effort to make sure you know he’s thankful to have you in his life.

5. He makes you feel encouraged. He supports your goals and dreams and never belittles something you feel passionate about. Seeing you fulfilled and accomplished makes him happy, so he’ll do whatever he can to help you go after what you want.

6. He makes you feel inspired. The best kind of love makes us want to be better. Better people, better friends, better children. If he’s the one, he’ll inspire you to always grow to be the best you possible.

7. He makes you feel comfortable. You are free to be exactly who you are. You never feel the need to pretend or try to impress him. You can let yourself just be.

8. He makes you feel happy. No one is happy all the time, but being with him brightens your day. Life with him is infinitely better than life without.

9. He makes you feel loved. Exactly as simple as it sounds. You love him and he loves you, and there’s no doubting the genuine affection he has for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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