If He Really Loved You, He’d Do This

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If he really loved you, he’d show up when he says he will. He won’t make excuses or bail last second because something else came up. He won’t conveniently forget or seem to have selective memory. He’ll show up. He’ll be waiting at baggage claim or the restaurant or the matinee movie. Wherever he promised to be, he’ll be.

If he really loved you, he’d trust you. He wouldn’t find a reason to be jealous whenever you talk to someone who isn’t him. He wouldn’t scan your every move on social media, making territorial comments whenever there’s an attractive photo of you online. He wouldn’t tell you who to be friends with or who you’re allowed to have in your life. He’d trust your judgement and choices.

If he really loved you, he’d want to spend time with you — even when sex isn’t an option. When you’re sick or tired or just feeling run down, he’d still want to be around you. If you only have 10 minutes and it’s enough for a quick kiss or hug or coffee at Starbucks, he’d take it. Seeing you is not about sex. Seeing you is about seeing you.

If he really loved you, you wouldn’t be playing guessing games. His actions would be consistent, not hot and cold. He’d say what he means and text you back. He’d tell you what’s going on in his life and not leave you questioning if you did something wrong. He’d make sure you’re in the loop, about the big things and the small.

If he really loved you, he’d want you to meet his friends. He’d be anxious to introduce you, for everyone else he loves to fall in love with you the way he has.

If he really loved you, he’d want you to pursue your passions and dreams. He’d encourage your growth and feel excited when you achieve success. He’d champion you every step of the way.

If he really loved you, you wouldn’t feel pressured to act a certain way or present a specific image. You’d shed any mask you don for others. You’d unzip your layers and he’d kiss every inch. You’d rest assured you can be entirely yourself and that’s the reason he’s in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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