5 Little Ways People Whose Love Language Is ‘Quality Time’ Will Date You Differently

love language is quality time
Clarisse Meyer

If you’ve read Gary Chapman’s book, you would know about the five love languages: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, and Acts of Service.

When you love someone who values Quality Time, then they want to both give and receive the most priceless and irreplaceable gift of all – time.

1. Give time for them and only them.

Sometimes, we just get so busy that we multi-task. Doing paperwork while talking, answering the phone while having dinner, or texting someone else while you’re out on a date. People with quality time as their love language need your undivided attention. This is how they interpret your love for them—by how much time you are willing to spend with them every single day.

2. Prioritize them over anything less significant.

They will expect you to put them first—over going through your newsfeed, watching television, playing a game, or going out with friends. If your significant other values quality time, always choose them. Give them the time that you know they will greatly appreciate.

3. They will listen to you.

When you are talking, they will listen. They won’t interrupt you because they are taking in everything that you are saying. They will wait until you stop talking before they speak, and they will even remember things that you said months ago, because they remember all time they’ve spent with you.

4. They won’t check their phone when they’re with you.

That’s how you know that they really love you—when they completely ignore their phone when they spend time with you. They don’t answer calls, they don’t reply to text messages, and they don’t open their social media accounts except to post photos of you and thank you publicly for spending valuable time with them.

5. They will always find time for you.

Despite being at work, preparing for an event, or spending time with their family or friends, they always will find time to communicate with you. They will call you or text you simply to let you know that they are thinking about you and also to let you know that they will make time for you later or tomorrow because time is most valuable for them.

Loving someone who values quality time requires sacrifice and effort. You may get annoyed because of all the nagging and the drama when you are not giving them enough attention. However, if you give them the quality time that they want to receive from someone they love, then you will receive it in return. You will have their undivided attention, someone who will listen to you rant about a bad day at work, and you can count on to be there whenever you need them.

Give them your time and it will definitely be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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