Give Your Heart Another Chance To Be Loved


Why do the people who love us have to suffer for those who hurt us in the past? It’s not their fault. They didn’t know. They weren’t there when all of it happened. They had no control.

If they could go back in time and give you the love that you deserved instead of the pain that you experienced, they would…. But they can’t.

They weren’t there when your past lover left you. They had no idea how you cried yourself to sleep every night, playing the scenes over and over in your head, wondering what you did wrong, and questioning why you should wake up the next morning. They didn’t see you staring into space, stuck in a standstill, and wondering how to fill the void that was left behind. They didn’t witness you pick up the pieces of your heart and putting it back together.

There are here now – now that you have locked your heart in a brass chest, buried it in a deserted island in the Caribbean and threw the key into the deepest depths of the ocean… now that you can’t trust anyone to stay because every person you ever cared about left you without saying goodbye. Now, they are knocking on the door of your heart and wondering how a wonderful person like you can keep your heart so guarded that no one can see inside.

Here they are, wanting to give you all the love that you deserve, but you refuse to open the door because the last one who ran out, totally blew it off from its hinges.

I hope you realize that not everyone leaves.

There will be a person or two or more who will choose to stay with you no matter how much you force them to leave. There will be those people who will hold you tight no matter how much you kick or scream. They will see the deepest parts of your soul and all they will see is the magnificent light you have inside of you. They will be the ones who will truly love you with all their hearts if you will let them.

Stop doubting. Start trusting again. Stop pushing them away and open up your heart because there is no such thing as perfect love. There is only the kind of love that is worth fighting for despite the imperfections. Stop looking behind you, you are not going that way. Life is too short to be afraid of loving again and letting yourself be loved.

A beautiful soul like yours deserves to be loved, and you will find the love that is perfect just for you if you choose to open your heart and let them it. It won’t be easy, and there will be times with pain and disappointment, but I promise you, it will all be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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