7 Times Being In A Relationship Is Better Than Being Single

Aleksandar Nakic
Aleksandar Nakic

1. When you’re moving apartments/houses

Moving apartments or houses is a physically and emotionally draining experience. It always starts off exciting, but when you actually begin the work, you stop and wonder if you can’t just live in the place you’re trying to leave until death do you part. However, being in a relationship makes the strenuous moving process so much more bearable. Not only do you have someone guaranteed to help you with the everything, you have someone who can directly commiserate with your moving misery.

2. Holidays: NYE, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas

Whatever the premise of the holiday, it is a lot easier to get through most of them with a significant other. A good reason is that many holidays involve being around family who otherwise might ask you endlessly about your (lack of a) love life. Moreover, for some holidays like Valentine’s Day, whether you hate or love it as a matter of principle, you can float through the day not feeling an iota of insecurity because when it’s all said and done, you have your somebody.

3. After a really bad day

Presuming that your significant other did not cause your really bad day, knowing that you can go home to call or be with someone who loves you unconditionally has a way of brightening your day. Yes, friends and family might provide you with emotional support, but you can’t deny there is something about having somebody kiss the pain away.

4. Winter

Winter is a horrible time to be single. This may sound superficial but it’s true. Trying to keep warm all by your solo self is not quite as appealing as having someone to keep you warm. Pay attention the next time people are lined up to do something outside, and notice the difference between how couples affectionately keep each other warm as opposed to how singles might either be shivering sadly, or are huddled together out of desperate necessity.

5. Wedding receptions

In theory, weddings are not just good for the couple celebrating their nuptials; they ought to be good for single people to meet other single people. But a majority of the time, single people are reminded of their status, and may or may not find themselves in the company of the (hopefully) open bar. Sure, doing the Cupid Shuffle is great, but when the slow, dance-with-a-partner slow love songs come on, people in relationships are the only ones left standing. (Time to head back to the bar if you’re single.)

6. When you’re sick/injured

There are few acts of love that are more important than caring for someone when they are sick or injured. When you’re in a relationship, you are pretty much guaranteed a caretaker who will cater to your needs, whether you need to go to the hospital or be just need chicken soup. You know who caters to your needs when you’re single? If you’re lucky, your MVP friends might make an appearance. But mostly, it’ll be taxi drivers (if you need to go to the hospital) and delivery guys (to bring you soup). Needless to say, it’s just not the same.

7. Decision-making

Congratulations! You’re an adult who knows how to pay their bills, save money, and fold their laundry as soon as it’s out of the dryer. If adulthood only consisted of these things, many Millennial websites would cease to exist. However, adulthood consists of many fairly important life decisions, and ones that would just be nice to have a partner in life to give you advice on, or at least be your sounding board. When you’re single, you sometimes have to be your own sounding board, and sometimes you get tired of hearing the sound of your own voice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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