25 Things You Should Learn About Yourself Before You Turn 25

Twenty20 / zasylvan
Twenty20 / zasylvan

1. The three things you like most about who you are as a person.

2. The one accomplishment you are most proud of in the world.

3. The three life experiences that set you apart from many people you know.

4. The one fundamental value you don’t think will ever change.

5. The three biggest challenges you have overcome and what each one taught you.

6. The three things about the past you would change if you could.

7. The one past experience you would never want anyone to know, and why.

8. The number of people you actually think know you.

9. The number of people you actually think you know.

StockSnap / Daniel Santalla
StockSnap / Daniel Santalla

10. The biggest insecurity you have ever had in your life.

11. The three greatest failures you have ever experienced and what you learned from each.

12. The top three qualities you value in any one person you meet.

13. The top three qualities you look for in a friend.

14. The one quality that turns you off in any person.

15. The number of people you truly admire and why you admire them.

16. The relationship you have with love and commitment and the sacrifices you are and aren’t willing to make for it.

17. The relationship you have with money and the sacrifices you are and aren’t willing to make to obtain it.

18. The one thing you desire most in the world that almost nobody else knows.

StockSnap / Andrew Phillips
StockSnap / Andrew Phillips

19. The one thing you are most afraid of in the world.

20. The three pieces of advice that you have found to be most valuable.

21. The three things that have been your greatest source of inspiration.

22. The three things that have been your greatest source of discouragement.

23. The three things you would change about the world if you could.

24. The one thing you would want to most be remembered by, if you were to die today.

25. The three things you want to be remembered by when you do die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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