14 Signs Your Relationship Is Over (Before It’s Officially Over)

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YouTube / RihannaVEVO

1. They have stopped referring to you with “pet names,” and affectionate terms. I mean it’s one thing if your relationship never consisted of these to begin with. But if it once did and all of a sudden, you are haven’t heard those sweet words of affection you’re used to, tread lightly.

2. And when it comes to physical affection, they have become totally disinterested in showing any, in any shape or form. It’s not that you get the sense they are disgusted with you, it’s just like the idea of kissing, holding, caressing has plainly become a  “meh” activity to them.

3. They are totally disinterested in doing anything with you that will remotely interrupt their daily routine. Sure, every couple starts to get lazy or comfortable – however – you choose to describe it. But this is different. They just aren’t bothered to spend time with you outside of what is convenient.

4. On the flip side, they’ve got a whole lot more time now for their family, friends, co-workers, and have even taken up lots of “solo hobbies” that keeps them occupied and well away from having to spend time with you.

5. They have become so so busy at work although they never seem to elaborate on what they’re actually busy with, or when their busy period will be over. It’s just an unending season of busy, busy busy! Now, having work obligations and busy periods happens but it is also the easiest cop-out excuse when someone loses interest.

6. They have become reluctant to hang out with your family and friends, and make it plainly obvious to anyone with eyes that they are no longer trying to impress them. If someone is no longer trying to make a good impression on the people who love you, it’s a sure-fire sign they are not in it for the long-run.

7. They no longer do anything special for you or act thoughtfully towards you. Unless you are clearly dating an asshole who has made it clear they’re in this relationship cause they have nothing better to do, one of the hallmarks of a relationship are the small sacrifices and little things they do to take care of you.

8. They are either talking about the future a lot in a way that shows they are clearly not involving you in theirs, or they’ve stopped talking about the future with you entirely. If conversations start going from “we” to “I,” it’s pretty clear that you and them will at some point have to say goodbye. (Yes, I just wanted to rhyme here.)

9. Something major happened to you and they treated it with complete indifference. Whether you got a huge promotion at work, got accepted to your number one grad program or did something really important on your bucket list, they acted like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

10. They either look for every single opportunity to argue with you, even about the most mundane things. Or even when you need to have a discussion about something, they look for every opportunity to opt out of it because really, you’re not even worth the fight anymore.

11. If you were saying “I love you” to each other and you have to stop and think when was the last time they said it, chances are that love might be drying out. An alternative to their no longer saying I love you, are continuous “Love you too’s” and “Me too’s” in response without actually ever saying the whole thing. I mean at this point, the writing is on the wall.

12. They ignore you in subtle and not so subtle ways. Whether it’s only replying a third of your texts or responding to phone calls only with texts, or always being on their phone when they’re around you, it’s obvious that they are not communicating as well or as often as they used to.

13. They no longer compliment anything about you – from your appearance to your habits to your cooking. Nada. No one should be so insecure that they need consistent compliments from their significant other to feel good. But when you make an extra effort in anything and they consistently barely notice, it’s probably because they’re no longer interested in making you happy.

14. You’re always the one reaching out, making plans, making an effort, and showing up. And deep inside you know if you stopped doing these things, the relationship would in fact, come to a screeching halt. And it probably should. Because it’s not fair to yourself to keep caring for someone who has made it quite clear they no longer care for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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