17 People On The One Thing That Really Sucks About Being Single

For the most part, I think most single people don’t go through life wallowing about their relationship status. Nor do they go around dancing on top of bar tables, screaming about how good it is to be single. I think most people are somewhere in the middle, having good days or bad days regardless of their relationship status. Still, I wanted to know: What is the suckiest part about being single?

Flickr / Alagich Katya
Flickr / Alagich Katya

1. I think it’s the eating dinner alone thing. Sure, I don’t have to eat dinner alone. I could technically always find a friend to eat with. But sometimes after being busy at work all day, maybe going to a happy hour or stopping by at the gym, it’d be nice to come home afterwards and have dinner with your significant other. Adam, 26

2. Weddings. Yes, it’s cliché but it’s cliché for a reason. It absolutely sucks having to go to weddings continuously by yourself or scrambling for a date every time. It’ll be nice to have a certain date to a plus one event. Cynthia, 24

3. Sometimes you just want to know that you have someone and they are all yours. I guess that’s the difference between a friend and a boyfriend. Your friend is not just yours, but your boyfriend is all yours. It’s just nice, you know? Lexa, 22

4. You know I was actually thinking about this the other day. After a certain age it becomes nice to have someone you want to tell good news to that isn’t your mom, or sibling or good friend. All those people matter but the other day I got some fantastic news and I just really wished I had a girlfriend to tell. Mark, 27

5. Someone to dance with. I know that’s lame and there are lots of people to dance with, in theory. But every time I go out with my friends, it’s just this feeling of something missing seeing how all the couples just easily latch on to each other. And you’re there trying to see who’s around you and not look lonesome. Afon, 25

6. I love to cook, I make dinner almost every single night. But it get’s pretty lonely always cooking for one. It’s weird but that’s always the time I realize how much I don’t want this to last forever – when I’m cooking and realize I have no one to cook for. Louise, 26

7. I would say the one thing that really sucks about being single is just not being in love. Being in love is awesome. Sure, it sucks sometimes too because you have obligations and love always hurts somehow. But still, I’ve been in love and I’d give anything to be in love again. Angel, 25

8. Having someone who is there for you. I mean if you’re lucky you might have one or two good friends like that, and your family of course. But usually no one lives close to their family after a certain age. When you’re single, you’re pretty much all you’ve got. And it can be very tiring to always be there for yourself. Ndu, 24

9. I think the one thing that sucks about being single is just not always having that physical affection and intimacy with someone that most of us need. I mean sure you can kiss and have sex with a bunch of strangers in a meaningless way but sometimes that ends up being worse than accepting you’re alone. But yeah, sometimes you just want to kiss someone who feels the same way you do about them. Ryan, 26

10. For me the biggest thing is just watching how shitty many couples treat each other, and knowing that you would never do that. I see it all the time. Sometimes I just want to ask couples I’m around, “Do you guys even like each other?” And it’s knowing that you would never want to treat someone you love in such a terrible way. But there are people who have someone who do that. It just feels really unfair. Emily, 25

11. I think the suckiest part is sometimes feeling like you’re not good enough to be loved. Yes, we all hear the usual, “love your self first,” and all the rest. But really, what if I do love myself? What if I’m doing everything right, and I’ve been waiting forever, and nothing is happening. What then? Am I just going to have to settle or die alone? Why are those the only options? Neo, 27

12. More than anything else, I just hate falling asleep alone. Maybe it’s the artist in me but nighttime is such a lonely time. I stay up and tire myself out just so I don’t have to think about the fact that I’m alone every night. Marca, 24

13. The one thing that sucks about being single is feeling a little bit like you’re in waiting. No matter how much you enjoy your life, it always feels like you’re waiting for something to happen. You have control over almost every other part of your life. But you can’t control whether someone is going to love you back. Ted, 26

14. This is lame but I definitely think just feeling like you have to justify it to people. The constant, “Why are you single?” doesn’t help me or anyone else. I don’t know why I’m single. I think I’m a decent person, reasonably attractive, have a good life. I put myself out there, I go out with friends, I think I’m alright. But here I am still single and I’m okay with it for the most part. But then someone asks why or something, and all of a sudden I find myself justifying it just to show that there’s nothing wrong with me. Or maybe I justify it in a way that they can then determine what’s wrong with me. But no one seems to understand or accept that I and maybe other people might just be single for no reason at all. We’re just single. Raul, 28

15. I think at the end of the day, most of us want love in that way. And when you’re single, you don’t have it. No matter how much love you have, you don’t have that kind of love. And that sucks. No matter how much you love being single, if being crazy in love with someone who loves you just as much was an option, I think we’d all choose it. Meg, 26

16. Nothing worse than constantly being asked, “Why are you single?” I know that people think they’re being encouraging but really, it is a tiring question that nobody wants to answer. Being single isn’t sucky itself, it’s how the general population reacts to you that sucks sometimes. Lee, 27

17. Driving yourself crazy trying to find someone and then maybe giving up hope from time to time. There’s always a clusterfuck of emotions that you can go through in one day. And for the most part, you don’t go through these emotions, you’re fine. Then one night you just breakdown and cry because you’re so tired of being alone. But you wake up the next day and act like nothing happened. And you’re fine. But yesterday you cried and nobody knows it happened. Gia, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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